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Wordpress Blog Post Checklist: Post with Confidence with the Pre-Publish Checklist Plugin.

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Awesome Web Designs is a team of digital experts working together to offer a comprehensive menu of marketing services to new and growing businesses. As a virtual team, we are always looking for easier ways to collaborate and improve our service to clients.

Installing Brainstorm Force’s free plugin has helped our team ensure that we don’t publish anything we aren’t 100% confident is ready to be public. It also helps eliminate confusion around keeping track of responsibilities or specific individual requirements that can occur when you work on a virtual team or manage multiple clients. Thankfully, since we discovered the Pre-Publish Plugin, working collaboratively on blog posts has become smooth sailing.

What is the WordPress Pre-Publish Checklist plugin?

It’s incredibly easy to install and start using Brainstorm Force’s free Pre-Publish Checklist plugin. Effectively, the application establishes a checklist of specific tasks that must be checked off before publishing the content onto your website. This checklist can be applied to posts or pages, giving you the option to prevent the content from being published if all items are not checked off, or simply warn the user.

Pre-Publish Checklist plugin options
Pre-Publish Checklist plugin options

One of the great things about this addon is that its use is extremely versatile; you can either use one of their pre-curated lists or customize your own. If you choose to customize your own list, you can adopt a simple, basic index or make it more intricate and specific (which is great if you work on a team!). The developers made the settings user-friendly with an easy drag-and-drop model, allowing you to reorder the tasks in order of use or priority.

How we use the Blog Post Checklist plugin as a virtual team?

Every member of a team possesses different strengths and operates in a different role. Using the Pre-Publish Checklist makes it easy to amalgamate the strengths of our team members without overlapping roles, in order to effortlessly collaborate to manage web content.

We were able to collectively establish a checklist that encompasses SEO best practices from our web developer, augmented with helpful reminders from our content writer. Having a clear-cut list that a writer can easily follow to ensure the content is fully optimized helps to take the confusion, and complexity out of SEO.

Awesome Web Designs Wordpress Blog Post Checklist
Awesome Web Designs Wordpress Blog Post Checklist

As we work together in order to publish content on our own website as well as clients’ sites, we completely customized our checklist to assign specific tasks to individual team members. This way, we know exactly who is responsible for each task and any user can log in to see what has been completed and what still needs to be done. We also use the ability to customize the checklist to help accommodate the specific needs of each client, depending on their involvement in publishing the content or approval requirements. Working as a virtual team, communication is crucial to accomplishing projects effectively, so having this plugin built into our site is a straightforward way to stay connected.

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Benefits of using a Blog Post Checklist

All of the benefits we experience from using this free plugin on our website and those of our clients are truly incredible! Since installing the addon we have found it easy to manage our client’s individual needs directly from within their website, no external database is needed. This means we save time, and can effortlessly and professionally work together behind the scenes. We chose an incomplete checklist to “prevent publishing” option, which allows us to confidently work on drafts or wait for a client approval without fear of accidentally publishing.

Additionally, having easily adaptable checklists has also allowed us to ensure consistency in posting. It can be easy to overlook or forget simple tasks, especially when team roles overlap slightly or one is less experienced in SEO practices. Having a clearly outlined task list allows everyone to work with assurance. Making sure consistent standards are met when content is being managed by multiple people, ensures that it turns out perfect every time.

Overall, we highly recommend the Pre-Publish Checklist plugin. It is free to use, easy to install, simple to set up, and truly allows us to work more cohesively as a team. Our clients love the added satisfaction of knowing they can check off their final approval before publishing (should you choose to set it up that way). The skilled team of Toronto web design experts at Awesome Web Designs are grateful to have an easy tool that makes virtual teamwork more effective!

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