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Why Would You Need A Website Care Plan?.

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Guillermo Figueredo

What comes next after your WordPress site goes live? You must maintain your website to keep it safe, secure, and useful for your business. Without a Website Care Plan, your site is vulnerable to hackers, disgruntled employees, security flaws, bugs, server crashes, and other threats. Your website is your most valuable advertising tool because it is the most effective and least expensive marketing tactic. However, it is not enough to have a website up and running. Your website, like a car, requires regular maintenance. It is extremely important to update and maintain your site regularly to ensure it performs at its best.

We enjoy continuing to work with our clients to help them stay up to date on everything related to the success of their websites. This is achieved through website maintenance plans. If you have a WordPress website built by us or someone else, you can join the plan and get significant benefits for your website and business.

What is a Website Care Plan?

A website maintenance plan is a set of services used to maintain and keep your website running smoothly, so you don’t have to keep track of all the different aspects of a website. These include keeping your site secure and up to date, regularly backing up your site files, monitoring for malware or viruses, and ensuring that hackers never compromise your data.

The business benefits of a website care package

  • You keep your virtual storefront flawless. According to a CEB study, 57% of people make a purchase decision before contacting a supplier. A well-functioning website is more likely to generate a positive decision than a negative one.
  • You can focus on what matters, knowing that your website is performing optimally and constantly being monitored for issues.
  • Your initial investment in the website was not in vain; all the time and effort invested in its development pays off.
  • You don’t have to spend time and money training internal website security staff and backup and update procedures.
  • Security alerts and other updates do not interfere with or bother you or your team. For example, over the past month, our site has received (and successfully repelled) more than 1,000 hacker attacks. Because we have advanced security systems to protect our site, these hack attempts have been unsuccessful.
  • You will regularly receive informative reports to help you make decisions in the future. Reports like these also help determine the success of your offline sales and marketing efforts.
  • You get priority support if something happens that you don’t understand or can’t handle on your own.
  • This gives you complete peace of mind knowing that you have reduced your risk exposure.

Perks of Web Care Plan

Newer Updates

This may seem obvious, but it is important for a lot of webmasters. They do not consider themes, plugins, and WordPress core updates. The updates include security fixes, so keeping your digital assets up to date makes your site less vulnerable. Ultimately, you can enable automatic updates for site plugins. Please note that updated plugins may cause conflicts and damage your site. Consider testing updates on a staging site if you have a complex and frequently visited website.

Professional Website Maintenance

A website maintenance plan ensures that your website is maintained by a qualified professional. Professional experience allows maintenance professionals to perform their tasks effectively. The expert understands how to work under pressure and solve complex problems. Website administrators can save money by doing their maintenance. However, this can be a disaster if you don’t have experience. Let’s say your website is down, and you don’t know how to fix it. Professional maintainers not only have more ideas for solving a problem, but they can also have internal procedures for many common problems.

Backed Up

A backup is a saved copy of your website from a previous date, such as last month, last week, yesterday, or even this morning. The worst can happen if you don’t have a backup plan for your site.

Let’s say you made some changes that broke a few things on the site and caused the site to stop working. You’re trying to restore it to an earlier version, but since you don’t have backups, you’re frustrated and out of options. As a result, your website will be down for several days, and your potential customers (or leads) will not be able to access it, which can cost you sales and revenue. If you don’t do regular backups and don’t know how to restore them in case something goes wrong, you need a maintenance plan.

Faster Loading Speed

To ensure fast loading and good performance of websites, you need to optimize your files, databases, and media. We use specialized tools to optimize and run your site smoothly and clean up the “web cache”.

Audits and Data Reporting

Having a website is one thing; having a website that generates leads for your company is another thing. One way to ensure you’re getting clients is to check your website to ensure it’s in good working order. Checking your data to see how well your site performs is also important. Monthly website audits and reviews can help your web designer determine if any changes are needed.

Uptime Monitoring

Monitoring uptime entails checking your site’s response time. This is necessary to determine how well your site is performing. This allows you to ensure that your website’s quality is maintained and works well for your customers. Tools are used to measure this, and if something goes wrong, your web designer will be notified so they can fix it.


WordPress is constantly evolving in response to new technologies and trends. Awesome Web Care plans keep your website software and plugins up to date and ensure they work properly.

Does a care plan protect your website?

If you have a maintenance plan, you can restore your website if something goes wrong. Regular backups of your website are kept when you have a maintenance plan. If something goes wrong, it can be restored to a version on a specific date.

As a business owner and webmaster, you can’t just create a website and then forget about it. While creating websites is easier than ever before, there is still a need for security. Always be proactive in protecting your company and customer data. Whether your site accepts online payments or personal information, visitors’ information should end up in the right hands.

Our Experience Will Save You Money

Your company belongs to you, and only you know what is best for it. You may have enough free time to take care of WordPress security in addition to your other duties. If so, then it’s fantastic.

You might be right if you think it makes more sense to have a professional team handle your website maintenance plan. Would you go to court without representation? Trying to repair a damaged heart valve without seeing a doctor? Why should you take responsibility for running your own website if you are not a professional web designer?

Awesome Web Designs Web Care Plan

You can’t set up and forget about your site. The prevalence of cybercrime is on the rise. Updates and vulnerabilities are released every day. The plugins are broken. Hosting services are down. A thousand different things can go wrong. One way to ensure your website is safe, reliable, and predictable is to hire a dedicated web team.

Our website maintenance plans cover the technical aspects (backup, software updates, security scans and disaster recovery) so you can focus on content creation and business operations. Please see our maintenance plans here if you want us to manage and maintain your website.

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