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What is User Experience or UX?.

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Guillermo Figueredo

User experience or UX is a discipline based on creating business strategies (both online and offline) to connect the user with a product or service on an emotional level.

In other words, user experience is a set of the following factors :

  1. Meet the needs of the user.
  2. Improve the user experience when purchasing online (E-commerce) or offline.
  3. Help the company to sell more and better.
  4. Help users find the content they are looking for on a web page.
  5. Therefore, a good user experience is essential in every web page since it can cause an increase in demand for a company’s products or services.

Hence, it becomes essential to know how users interact with the product or service (website) and what their satisfaction is in carrying out their actions (Navigation).

Therefore, it is important to know your target audience, listen to them and take steps to create a product (Website) that is 100% tailored to their needs.

Why do we need good user experience or UX on a website?

User experience or UX on a website serves, among other things:

  • To generate and evaluate processes or purchasing system in case of having an E-Commerce.
  • To measure the impact of changes in a sales funnel at the conversion level.
  • To help the owners of a web page understand the user and their problems.
  • To decrease the learning curve of a user on a web page.
  • To improve web interfaces and therefore the efficiency of processes.
  • To improve the web usability of a portal.

Methodologies used in the design of user experiences

There are different methodologies for the development of user experiences such as:

Human-centered design

Human-centered design looks at the problem in context by looking at everything from the user’s perspective when it comes to being guided in the buying process.

This process includes tasks such as brainstorming, conceptualization of the process, and its development and implementation.

The process is implanted and corrected in a systematic and repetitive way until the exact solution is found. Hence, this method is the most used in all UX improvement processes.

As a summary, it can be said that this model is based on the trial / error method.

User-centered design

The user-centered design is very similar to the previous one, with the peculiarity that this process takes the user into account at an empathetical level and not just mathematical.

Experience-focused design

This methodology solves an experience through a keyword that defines it, instead of focusing on the user’s needs.

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