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What is a Landing Page?.

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A landing page is a web page designed exclusively to convert visitors into leads.

These landing pages are generally very well designed, with little content (but very transactional and buyer-oriented) and have a multitude of CTAs or calls to action to attract potential customers.

On many occasions, these types of web pages are created temporarily for a specific temporary promotion. However, on other occasions these landing pages are part of the fixed structure of a web page. Everything will depend on its final goal.

How does a landing page work?

The operation of a landing page is quite simple.

  • The user accesses the landing page via SEO or SEM, social networks, an email campaign or any other online recruitment method.
  • Once inside, the user previously segmented in the recruitment phase will begin to read information about the product or service offered to check if it meets their need.
  • The user will continue reading the content and will finally be attracted to the product / service. At that time it will be when the user will be shown a CTA that can be a form, a subscription box, etc.
  • Finally, the user¬†will fill in the information on the form and automatically that user will become a lead and possibly if the job is done well they will end up being a customer.

Types of landing page

There are many types of landing pages. However, they can be mainly classified into two groups:

Internal landing pages

These types of landing pages are those found within a web page in order to sell a product or service.

These landing pages will be accessible from the portal itself through CTAs or navigation menus. These sites will not have interest at the SEO level (although they will need a good performance on user experience) and will only be aiming to generate the lead or sale.

Normally, these landing pages follow the general aesthetics of the website and, depending on its content, may or may not be indexed in the Google SERPs. Here is one example of an internal landing page.


These landing pages are web pages that have been created solely to attract leads. Therefore, they will be found outside the navigation of the website itself.

In many cases, these microsites are usually the web page itself. Here is one example of a microsite.

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