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What is CTA or Call To Action?.

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A CTA or Call To Actions are buttons, areas of the screen or texts that prompt the user to perform an action, whether it be clicking, writing a comment, etc.

As a general rule, these CTAs are usually designed in a more striking secondary color than the rest to guide the user’s vision towards them and their message in order for them to read and act on it.

In addition, these Call To Action are usually located in strategic places within the web design in order to impact the reader or visitor at the right time. In any case, the message in the CTA must be captivating and non-invasive if the opposite effect is not to be achieved.

Therefore, design and text must go hand in hand to get the lead.

Tips when creating a good CTA

A CTA must visually hit the user to incentivize their action. Therefore, when creating a good call to action, you must bear in mind the following points:

  1. The text must be brief and concise. Never use more than 5 words.
  2. Use action verbs like “Download” or “Sign up”
  3. The CTA must be well located within the design.
  4. The call to action must be in a color that stands out from the rest of the colors on the website.
  5. The call to action button must be legible. It may involve making it bigger so that it stands out.

What are Call To Actions used for?

Call To Action or calls to action are usually used to:

  1. Get leads from potential clients.
  2. Try to get users to share something on social media.
  3. To make users fill out forms or surveys.
  4. To close sale of products in an E-commerce site.
  5. To promote an event.
  6. To encourage the download of content.
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