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Toronto WordPress web development.

Web developer

cms web development.

We build unique mobile-friendly sites easily edited over time without costly redesigns thanks to the flexibility of WordPress CMS and Beaver Builder.



Our e-commerce experience allow us to run UX optimization tests and build ecommerce ready sites: PCI compliance, customer service center, ecommerce analytics, online chat, etc.

Web design

landing pages.

We create mobile-friendly and A/B test ready microsites perfectly optimized for lead generation.



We develop sites to efficiently communicate and connect with your clients and give that organic growth to your site.

We are web experts

10 reasons to choose Awesome Web Designs as your trusted web developers.

  • 1

    We have been designing websites for more than 10 years.

  • 2

    We have designed more than 50 web pages. This gives us an increased knowledge when it comes to understand what the customer needs.

  • 3

    We are SEO Consultants. Your website will follow Google's guidelines.

  • 4

    Look at our web, it's bringing traffic from Google and it's fast. Want a similar one? Contact us!

  • 5

    We make your website profitable. Our website sells, do you want yours to do it too?

  • 6

    We only use premium tools. No unnoficial plugins or pirate themes.

  • 7

    We build your WordPress website safely. We take measures to avoid your web page being attacked or hacked, even though there is nothing safe on the internet.

  • 8

    The domain and hosting will be completeley yours. No weird schemes.

  • 9

    We are not cheap, but we are professional. Do not expect a web design for 200 dollars...

  • 10

    If you don't trust us yet, check out our past projects. Our expertise will convince you.

WordPress web development price

What is the price of a professional WordPress website?

The price of a professional WordPress website will not fall below the one indicated here.

Nevertheless, I recommend you contact us to be able to offer you a price for your WordPress website.

Your web page from


*Taxes not included

all you need to know...

about our web development services

The developemet of a WordPress website is complex. You should delegate this type of work to a WordPress professional.

As you have seen before, we have been developing with WordPress for more than 10 years, which gives us a broad experience in the field of web development.

More than WordPress website creators, we define ourselves as WordPress experts. 10 years of experience developing WordPress web pages speak for us.

In these years we have dealt with many different clients. We know we can help you with your project as WordPress web developers. Why don't we talk?

It is true that the WordPress web development industry in Toronto is very advanced and has great professionals.

Our added value, apart from being expert web developers in Wordpress is that we are also SEO experts (search engine optimization).

Therefore, your WordPress website will not only be “beautiful”, it will also get found on Google.

Correct, our web development service will be completely tailored. We intend to offer customers the best possible service even though we don't like to call it premium web development since for us every project requires special attention.

But yes, your website will be tailored according to your instructions.

A freelance WordPress web designer works for several companies offering their services. That is, they does not work for a single company.

In addition, the good thing about the internet is that we can build your website regardless of where your business is located.

The rates of a WordPress web developer vary according to the professional for several reasons, such as:

  • The developer's experience
  • The use or not of premium plugins.
  • The size of the web developer's clients.
  • The workload of the freelance web developer.

A quote for a WordPress web development, in our opinion, should never be less than $1000 Canadian dollars.

Everything lower than that price can hide adverse factors for your project such as:

  • Inexperience of the developer.
  • Use of unnoficial plugins or pirate themes.
  • Lack of involvement in the project because of having many small clients.
  • Possible breach of deadlines.

Of course! If you need a WordPress online store with Woocommerce we are your team!

We have developed several e-commerce WordPress sites with Woocommerce and with dozens of customizations without a problem. In fact, we know the best combination of plugins so that the development of your online store does not prevent it from loading quickly.

As web designers we will have developed about 20 online stores with WordPress and Woocommerce.

Why choose us as your e-commerce designers? For the following reasons:

  • We know the combination of Woocommerce plugins that will make your website fly and be practical.
  • We are SEO Consultants. Therefore, we will make sure that your Woocommerce online store ranks in Google.
  • We know PHP and MySQL, the technology used to make online stores with Woocommerce. We can develop everything you need!

The price of designing a WordPress online store with Woocommerce is very variable since it will largely depend on the quality you want for your online store.

However, if you want a basic online store with three different payment gateways (credt card, paypal, bank transfer), it can be around 1500 Canadian dollars.

However, the price of a Woocommerce online store can vary a lot depending on the project, and therefore it is best to contact us to offer you a personalized price.

Simple, if you want to request a quote for an online store with Woocommerce simply fill out this form.

this is how our Toronto web development experts can help you.

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