Toronto social media services.

Create and grow an online community with organic growth strategies.

Toronto social media experts.

instagram / tiktok.

We engage with accounts and communities tied to the top hashtags for your niche. We will help you grow an online community with informational and shareable content.


consulting services.

We offer one-on-one coaching calls that will provide you with the next steps to grow your social media business.


We promote your business and engage within niche Facebook groups, targeting Instagram accounts from Facebook groups and follow/engage with them.

Setup Analytics

monthly reports.

We provide monthly reports and a social media calendar to review our social media strategy and check our content before it gets published. 

social media plans.

Social media
$750 / per month
$1000 / per month
$1500 / per month*
Lead Generation
Up to 1 platform
Up to 2 platforms
All platforms covered
3 posts per week
5 posts per week
7 posts per week
*Optional add-on posts
8 hours per month
20 hours per month
40 hours per month
Video Editing
Ads Setup
Consulting call


$750 +HST / per month

  • Suited for small businesses - new accounts
  • Basic follower growth strategy
  • Up to 1 platform
  • 3 social media posts per week
  • 8 hours of engagement and growth services
  • Monthly consulting call


$1000 +HST / per month

  • Suited for established communities
  • Growth, lead and sales generation strategies
  • Up to 2 platforms
  • 5 social media posts per week
    Video editing included
  • 20 hours of engagement and growth services
  • Bi-weekly consulting calls
  • Monthly results summary
  • Facebook group promotions available


$1500 +HST / per month

  • Suited for medium/big businesses - established communities
  • Growth, increased lead generation, e-commerce, influencer and Tik Tok strategies
  • All platforms covered
  • 7 posts per week with optional add-on posts
    Video editing included
  • 40 hours of engagement and growth services
  • Weekly consulting calls
  • Monthly results summary
  • Facebook group promotion available
  • Optional newsletter add-on

*Bronze plan only available for new customers, and for a maximum of 3 months.
*Silver and Gold plans are cancellable by either party after 3 months, with 30 days advance notice.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to feel confident in every purchase you make with us, which is why we are offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product, contact our support within 30 days of receiving your report and we’ll work with you to make it right!

all you need to know...

about our social media services

We are a one-stop shop for all social media marketing services. Video editing and graphic design is provided every month and edits are made to fit your vision!

At the beginning of the month we send you 3-4 weeks worth of posts. This includes designs, video editing, and copy! Every post is approved by you prior to being posted.

We post for our clients 3-5 days a week for our clients. (Depending on the package you purchase.) Comments, messages, lead generation, and posting is handled by our team!

We do not own your account, so you can post freely at any time! We follow our strategies and advise our clients on best practices - but you can still freely use your account however you would like.

If you feel more comfortable posting the content yourself, that is completely fine as we can customize a package to suit your unique needs.

Yes! Depending on the package you pick, we offer up to 4 consulting calls per month where you can ask any questions in regards to social media strategy.

Social media can be extremely time consuming and overwhelming. Businesses, realtors, and entrepreneurs, and more rely on social media managers to maximize their online growth so they can focus on… you guessed it - their business!

The bronze and silver packages are suited for small businesses or entrepreneurs that are looking for affordable social media growth and assistance.

Our gold package is set up more like a part-time employee.

Each client's growth strategy is customized to fit their brand, audience, and goals. To summarize, a growth strategy is a collection of daily healthy social media habits that increase your follower count. This involves market research, engagement with your target audience online, strategic content and calls to action via copywriting, etc.

Lead generation online is networking with potential clients or customers. This can be done through Instagram and LinkedIn commenting for example.

Through market research, we find the best types of content that your potential clients or customers resonate to in order to promote sales growth.

Through engaging video editing and graphic design, we create stunning visuals that speak to your customers. (As well as promote your products online through niche Facebook group communities.

In 2022, influencer marketing is one of the most useful tools to both sell and promote your product/service. We work with both micro and macro influencers on campaigns for e-commerce/service based companies.

Brands are utilizing Tik Tok to grow their reach at a much faster pace. Tik Tok can be utilized, but not limited to, financial experts, realtors, e-commerce businesses, and more.

Newsletter campaigns are emails sent to your loyal customers or prospects that further promote your services.

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