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Client Background

Violeta Luján

Violeta Lujan is a brand influencer who is known on Instagram for her colourful, creative feed and inspiring words. With a background in branding and advertising, Violeta had been growing her following on the platform over the past few years in order to ultimately generate income with her expertise. In addition to her social media account, she had a very basic website that had not been professionally done and was very limited in its functionality. The website was not adding to her business as the user experience was difficult to navigate, and did not reflect the lovely and graceful personal brand she had spent so much time developing.

In order to help grow her brand and connect with her audience on an additional platform to Instagram, Violeta knew that she needed a brand new website that would better reflect her as a professional and improve her ability to sell online. With her goals for developing her business and a specific personal branding profile in mind, Violeta reached out to Awesome Web Designs after being recommended by a colleague. Awesome Web Design’s founder and head designer hails from the same town in Spain and shared a mutual professional contact with Violeta, which she felt would be an asset in understanding her brand and vision for the website.

The Challenge

Using creativity to meet our client where she is at, and turn it into an awesome web design

One of the most important concerns that had to be considered when taking on this project was working with Violeta’s personal branding. This was a very unique undertaking for Awesome Web Designs because to date most of the websites created had been more masculine or neutral in feel, whereas Violeta needed something much more soft and feminine. When discussing the scope of the project, Violeta was clear that she needed a web designer who was very creative and could effectively translate her branding onto a web page, since personal branding was the nature of her business. During the course of her consultation with Awesome Web Designs, Violeta also stated that she was flexible with the design aspects of the website and open to any ideas we might have for her.

The client’s openness to new ideas & design was ultimately a big factor in deciding to take on this project. We enjoy working with clients who trust us to provide our expertise in all matters of website and digital design so that they can focus on what they are good at, and it was clear this was the case with Violeta. Even though venturing into feminine branding was something new to Awesome Web Designs, we knew we were up for the challenge because Violeta was so clear and confident in her goals and vision. We understand that design is never about the developer’s personal taste, but rather about translating the embodiment of the client onto a web page, and we were happy that Violetja trusted us to do exactly that.

Her target audience, both businesses and individual consumers, are mostly female. Violeta’s branding and her courses are based in creativity and art, while her skills lie in harnessing creative vision into something more tangible. Her current audience is regionally specific to Spain, so we also wanted to reflect some of the feeling of the lush coastal scenery the country is loved for within Violetja’s web design. Incorporating all of these aspects led us to create a beautiful whimsical website, with floral accents, bright colouring, and playful fonts. When unveiling the first draft, and ultimately the finished website to Violeta she was thrilled with the results. She felt the soft, feminine feel of the page represented her brand very authentically, and tied in to the creative nature of her work and courses.

Awesome Web Designs Theme
Awesome Web Designs Theme

The Solution

From a primitive website to new income potential with an e-commerce design

Violeta’s goals for the function of her website were simple; she needed a professional platform that would expand her reach and allow her to generate income through hosting online courses, as well as selling tickets to in-person events. She also wanted to improve the overall customer experience to those visiting her website so they could easily learn more about her and the services she offers. Since the nature of Violeta’s business was two-fold (product-based for courses and events, as well as service-based for branding consulting), the function of her website had to be dynamic and easy to navigate.

We designed the layout of the website with an e-commerce function in mind. However, left lots of room to convey the true essence of Violeta and her business with engaging copy on the home page, a creative About Me timeline, and pages explaining her services. Having an easily accessible and professional looking blog page was also important, as Violeta frequently publishes helpful content to connect with her followers.

With this in mind the website was created with SEO best practices, and optimized for improved user experience. Additionally, we created completely custom-made templates for Violeta’s courses to be hosted on her website. Using a combination of Learndash and Woocommerce plugins for LMS software to design these templates, Violeta’s self-directed courses will be customized to her branding. At Awesome Web Designs we believe that when hiring a professional developer to design your website, you should receive over-and-above service that includes personalization of all aspects of your digital presence. We pride ourselves on creating a tailor-made experience for you and your audience, for a better return on investment than a standardized template can bring.

In addition to the website and course templates we created, Awesome Web Designs also set up an email marketing system through so that Violeta had even more potential to grow her reach. Prior to reaching out to our team, Violeta was conducting most of her business through the Instagram app and didn’t have a way to reach her followers outside of social media. When growing a business and launching products such as courses, it’s important to have more than one single avenue to reach your target audience so we knew email marketing campaigns would be extremely important.

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The Results / Future Plans

Improving the organic reach of so her courses can help even more people

Choosing which clients to work with is essential to web designers in order to ensure connection and authenticity in the working relationship. As such, our clients are very important and we believe in maintaining these relationships beyond the completion of the website. At this time, Violeta is working hard to put the finishing touches on her courses and launching them onto her website. We will be maintaining contact with her throughout this process to support her in any way possible.

In the future, we will also be working with her on the overall maintenance of the website to ensure it stays running at peak efficiency and is still meeting her needs. Our next steps will be to improve the local SEO of the page, so that she can easily be found through any search engine and not only through Instagram to increase her exposure to potential clients. We will also be improving her on-page SEO to perfectly optimize her content for organic traffic.

Even though Violeta was a first for Awesome Web Designs to work with feminine branding and Instagram influencers, we hope to work with more clients in a similar sphere in the future. Having the opportunity to work with someone as flexible and creative as Violeta was wonderful, and we hope to bring this same experience to a relatable client looking to expand their reach online.