Developing a fresh website for gluten free, vegan hot sauce producer

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Client Background

Uncle Chester’s

Uncle Chester’s got its start when founder Mark Reynolds first started experimenting with hot sauce. Using ingredients from his own garden and farm, Mark wanted to make an all-natural, tasty sauce he could share with his family. His family loved it so much, they told him he should sell it at the farmers market. It was such a hit at the farmers market, he decided to make a Facebook page and officially start his business under the name Uncle Chester’s. Mark realized the key to succeeding was getting his sauce in the hands of as many people as possible, and that’s where Awesome Web Designs helped him out. Mark started his business because he had a product he believed in, and we agree.

Today, Uncle Chester’s is a growing brand stationed in Prince Edward County, Ontario. Mark approached us at Awesome Web Designs because his customers from Toronto loved his product, but they weren’t as excited about the three-hour drive to purchase them. He wanted to expand his reach beyond his region, and it just so happened that one of his customers was a client of ours. We helped Mark go from a humble Facebook page to running his very own site. Now, he has a professional domain where he can market his product and show off his brand with his very own unique style.

The Challenge

Determining project scope and professional goals

We knew we would have to design Uncle Chester’s website from the ground up. We decided that the domain should focus around content writing, graphic design, and professional photography. We also made sure the site was mobile friendly to adapt to the modern user environment. In doing that, we knew we could give Mark the tools to develop marketing initiatives alongside Awesome Web Designs to best promote his product.

The most important purpose of the site is to help Mark grow his business. With that in mind, we knew we had to include a place where potential business partners could go to inquire about the brand.

We here at Awesome Web Designs also know the importance of search engine optimization in web development, so we built the entire site around the central tenets of SEO and Google’s organic rankings. This also includes keyword research and SEO strategy recommendations for specific features such as:

  • Addition of Shema markups
  • Creation of Google Local Business directory
  • Optimization of metas, title lengths and optimization of H1, H2 and alt texts, following KW opportunities
  • Google Search Console optimization
  • Open graph optimization for social media

We also chose to use Google Suite’s email hosting services for its security, reliability, support, and cost efficiency. Finally, we organized the web hosting with our preferred hosting service, Siteground.

Awesome Web Designs Theme
Awesome Web Designs Theme

The Solution

Making a creative editorial product

We designed the entire site around the company logo created by Marks family. We stuck with the logos iconic colour scheme, and we kept the page layout simple so that we could illustrate the personality of the brand with bright, colourful images. The result is an elegant and easy to navigate domain that lets the Uncle Chester’s brand speak for itself.

We also wanted to make sure people knew that Uncle Chester’s hot sauce wasn’t just for spicy thrill seekers, so we made a simple chart to illustrate how hot the three sauces are that Mark has to offer.

Uncle Chester’s site is currently still in development with the help of our ongoing support policy here at Awesome Web Designs. As of writing, we are currently developing Uncle Chester’s as a full-blown e-commerce site. We’re also working on a ‘recipes’ tab where customers can submit and share the creative ways they can use Marks product. On top of that, we intend to implement greater social media support so Mark can market his brand directly to his customers. Our goal is to show people that this product is versatile. It’s more than just a hot sauce, it’s a fresh ingredient you can incorporate into all sorts of recipes, and we’ve successfully utilized intelligent web design to deliver that message.

Client Testimonial

What they say about us

I have worked closely with Guillermo for the last few months. The consummate professional, Guillermo was able to see our vision and deliver on a website that far exceeded our expectations!!! The level of support from Guillermo was truly amazing!! I highly recommend Awesome Web Designs!

Mark Reynolds

Founder, Owner
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The Results / Future Plans

The Awesome Web Designs experience

Here at AWD, we take small businesses like Marks and we give them the chance to thrive in the online market. For us, our clients are more than just a number. We offer our personalized service for as long as it’s needed. Our goal is to support our clients on their own schedule with an agency quality product, but without the agency level price tag.

We also provide a level of security you can’t get at an agency. We’re available all day every day, not just the nine-to-five schedule you find with most big companies. Our clients rest easy knowing that if anything goes wrong, they can contact us and we’ll respond immediately. For entrepreneurs like Mark with challenging schedules, accommodation is invaluable.

In the end, our results speak for themselves. Uncle Chester’s business continues to grow, and it’s thanks to our interpersonal approach to web design that AWD continues to be a part of that. We make it a point to stick with our clients, especially when they have a trendy product we can get behind. All our clients are important clients, because when we do a good job, they stay for the business relationship. There are no one-off jobs when you’re the digital marketing department small businesses can’t afford. We back people like Mark from start to finish.

We here at Awesome Web Designs look forward to a continuous and successful business relationship with Uncle Chester’s because we specialize in providing ongoing support to our partnered international and local businesses in all their online portfolio needs.