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Client Background

Stevens Strategic Alliance, LLC

Grant Stevens is the founder of Stevens Strategic Alliance. Grant has worked in commercial real estate and construction since the 1980s. The two companies he spent his career working with are Hines and Prologis, both known across the industry for their (literally) ground-breaking and earth moving construction projects.

Grant has found himself working on projects all over the world, responsible for over 65 million square feet of construction across 18 different countries. In 2019, he decided to take that experience and use it to create his own consultancy firm that would let him evolve in his field and become the owner of his own business.

For that, he came to us at Awesome Web Designs.

The Challenge

Creating the SSA brand from the ground up

Grant came to us because he needed more than just a website. After all, you can’t start a business without a brand. With our expertise in business startups, we knew exactly what Grant was going to need to start his new firm on the right foot. Our first step was taking Grant through everything that needed to be done and laying out our workflow.

First and foremost, we went ahead and helped Grant with the graphic design work for his company’s logo and other materials. We created several options for him to choose from, and when everything was just the way he wanted it, we also designed some business cards for him.

Once we had a logo and brand to work with, we got started on building his site. We designed a site map detailing every page that would be found at and prepared all of our written material as we simultaneously created a professional theme to go with it.

Grant wanted his site to look clean and businesslike, so we decided to keep it visually simple. The main colors we used were white and black to delineate the different segments of every page, but we also used gold as an accenting color to really give it the elegance that would make it unique.

We also wanted to avoid having static walls of text, so we made sure to incorporate graphical features throughout each page that were dynamic and unique. This was to ensure that viewers would remain engaged throughout the site. Even if they were just skimming through it and only reading our headers, they would still be getting the information they needed to learn more about how Grant runs his business.

Finally, we also wrote all the copy for the site. While we were designing his site, Grant was incredibly busy with wrapping up his global work for Prologis, so he didn’t have the time that some clients do to personalize his websites text himself. Awesome Web Designs had no problem picking up the slack though. We took the opportunity to learn everything we could about Grant so we could represent his business just the way he wanted it.

In the end, Grant was left with a beautifully designed website. He had everything he needed to start his new consultancy firm.

Awesome Web Designs Theme
Awesome Web Designs Theme

The Solution

Adding the personal touches that make SSA unique

Since Grant wanted more than just a website from us, we wound up putting a lot of time into this project. A lot of effort went into every aspect of creating the face of his business.

For starters, we actually had a lot of different designs for his logo.
Grant is the kind of person who has a lot of experience under his belt, so it’s safe to say he knows exactly what he wants. We worked very closely with him while designing mock-ups for his site, including his chief piece of branding imagery, the SSA logo. He also really wanted us to incorporate the classic Ken Burns effect on his home page.

Naturally, these are the kinds of personal touches we at Awesome Web Designs believe help to make a company website reflect the kind of person who owns it. We were happy to oblige.

It was also our responsibility to help Grant with his on-page SEO in order to make sure he gets the recognition he deserves from Google’s search engine. This meant conducting a full keyword research report. While we did all the copywriting for the site, we also incorporated his desired keywords naturally and consistently, letting him target high volume keywords with very low competition. Given the niche nature of his business, we had to make sure to use keywords that didn’t misrepresent his consultancy firm. We didn’t want Grant’s site to show up for people who were looking for someone to build their office building, after all.

One of the most unique aspects about Grant’s website is the blog. As a leading professional in his field, it goes without saying that Grant has a lot of information he can share with the world. As such, we broke his blog into three categories. First, we created his insights page, which serves as an umbrella for the blog. This let us avoid calling it a blog, which was important because it doesn’t sound very professional for a real estate consultant to run a blog on his spare time.

Second, we gave him a section to incorporate his own professional white papers. This is where Grant could publish his own work about some of the cutting-edge construction techniques he was building his brand around.
Lastly, since we already knew Grant was going to be such a busy guy, we gave him an option to share other people’s stories on his site via his trends section. Here, he could link out to other people’s work with full attribution in order to better inform the visitors to his site. The benefit of this was that it removed Grant’s responsibility to constantly produce content so that he would be able to spend most of his time focusing on his work. Since his white papers were their own intensive form of blog post, the trends section allowed him to flesh out his site in an ethical, easy, and fair manner that would be free of plagiarism.

Grant’s vision for his insights section was a place where people could go to find new information about construction and real estate. It’s a unique kind of blog and it serves as just another example of Grant’s personality shining through in his company website.

Since Awesome Web Designs is stationed in Canada, we haven’t done any other live events in Spain. However, our work on this event has given us a great experience to draw from in future endeavors of this kind.

Awesome Web Designs looks forward to any live event jobs that may come our way. We know we have the tools to reach the widest audience possible and we can’t wait for our next opportunity to show off our talent.

The Results / Future Plans

We take care of our clients and they take care of us

A lot of time and effort went into designing the Stevens Strategic Alliance brand and website. From start to finish, the project took about three months to complete.

In the end, everyone is confident in the product we managed to create together. This project was a truly collaborative effort for everyone involved. At Awesome Web Designs, this is exactly the kind of client we love.

For us, Grant has been more than just another client. We strive to maintain ongoing relationships with all of our collaborators, whether they’re clients or colleagues. We’re a firm believer that a truly good website can only be made when the site’s owner works together with us to meet deadlines. After all, somebody who chooses to invest their money in taking their business online is going to want to be happy with what they are paying for, so what better way to do that than by involving them in the design process?

While we could have haphazardly thrown together a website that met our clients’ demands like some web design companies, we believe in happy clients. If we can provide them with a high-quality site, great SEO, a solid brand, and ongoing services such as email and site hosting, we know they will always come back to us whenever they need any kind of web design work to be done.

We value clients like Grant because they value us. We know how important repeat business is in our industry, so we provide a service worth repeating. The only thing that got us where we are today is our dedication to service, and we don’t plan on changing the way we operate any time soon.

So thank you, Grant, for believing in Awesome Web Designs. We hope our next project will be just as successful as this one was.

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