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Client Background

Spring GDS Canada

Via 15 global offices, Spring GDS offers shipping solutions for small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) in 190 countries, making it the largest independent cross-border logistics provider. The company’s a subsidiary of PostNL Group, a publicly-traded mail, parcel, and e-commerce company with headquarters in the Netherlands.

Recently, Spring GDS opened a North American office based in Toronto, Ontario. After completing a Google search, the company reached out to Awesome Web Designs (AWD) to create a new website for its Canadian operations.

The Challenge

To develop a WordPress website with integrated branding and quality copywriting

Spring GDS has 14 other head offices worldwide, each with its own website. Maintaining consistent branding on the Canadian site was crucial to provide North American customers with a similar website experience.

Besides integrating consistent branding, the company wanted its new site to highlight specific shipping solutions unique to North American customers. In addition, the copywriting had to engage their target audience and help convert them into customers.

Once the website was launched, Spring GDS Canada wanted to focus heavily on other digital marketing efforts.

The Solution

A WordPress website with brand recognition and market research-led copywriting

We determined that market research would be necessary to create the copywriting that Spring GDS Canada requested.

We used our reputable partner, MindCart AI, to give us insights into our client’s ideal customer. Often, market research companies require up to a year to gather quality data. By partnering with MindCart AI research group, we received those insights in just two months.

Like their other head offices’ websites, Spring GDS’ Canadian website needed to integrate the company’s global branding. We ensured their new site utilized the same brand elements: fonts, colours, audience interactions, and overall aesthetics.

We also created comprehensive web pages to showcase the company’s unique delivery solutions for their North American customers. Each shipping solution and integration is displayed in a template and includes pertinent information such as the process involved, the product’s benefits, and product pricing.

Client Testimonial

What they say about us

Worked with Awesome Web Designs for the creation of our new locale website for our Canadian office. Although working with us, as part of bigger multinational, requires working with some strict set of rules, AWD managed the whole project really good. Given the requierments and timelines we pleased with the results and really happy with AWD as our local partner.

Thomas Steetskamp

Manager Strategic Business Development

The Results / Future Plans

A highly optimized website that targets Spring GDS Canada’s ideal customer

Using the insights provided by MindCart AI, we created website content that would create efficiencies in A/B testing. This is especially important when a client launches a product in a new country.

The newly created Canadian website delivers a similar customer experience to the company’s other head offices’ websites. Providing consistent branding amongst multiple websites generates brand recognition and authority and builds trust amongst a target audience.

The company’s new site is also maximized fully for speed and performance. When analyzed with Google PageSpeed Insights, the website achieved performance scores of 97 on desktop and between 80-95 points on mobile.

Now that the website’s complete, we’ll shift our focus to expanding Spring GDS Canada’s digital marketing strategy.

To start, we’ve created a series of optimized landing pages for monthly Google Ads campaigns. Our ads target a specific audience to help generate leads.

We’re also going to be creating content for Spring GDS Canada’s blog and email marketing.

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