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Client Background

Speak Spanish Academy Inc.

Oakville, Ontario-based Speak Spanish Academy Inc. offers comprehensive Spanish language courses for children, teens, and adults. After its debut as the first Canadian online bookstore specializing in Spanish and bilingual children’s books, the company now offers over 60 flexible and progressive Spanish classes.

The relationship between Awesome Web Designs (AWD) and Speak Spanish Academy Inc. began when the company required a new, more comprehensive website with e-commerce capabilities and automation. Since then, AWD has been completing all of the company’s digital marketing needs. For over three years, the two have worked together, making Speak Spanish Academy Inc. one of AWD’s longest-lasting client relationships.

The Challenge

A new WordPress website and digital marketing services

Speak Spanish Academy Inc.’s original website featured a very basic design and offered limited content, no e-commerce integration, and no automation. As a result, staff had to communicate directly with prospective students regarding program information, enrollments, and payments. The lack of a self-serve experience for website traffic resulted in a poor user experience and affected the number of website conversions.

Speak Spanish Academy Inc. needed a new website with greater capabilities to remain competitive – especially during COVID-19, when in-person classes were no longer permitted.

Following the launch of their new website, AWD was tasked with improving the company’s digital marketing efforts.

The Solution

A modern website with built-in automation and e-commerce integration

We developed several automated systems to improve the user experience and streamline the back-end work required by Speak Spanish Academy Inc.

Drop-down menus help narrow down course options based on age, class type, proficiency level, frequency, and delivery method. Once a user selects a particular course, a customized table showcases all available courses and their relevant details, such as days, times, and costs.

We automated a proficiency test requirement for any course other than the beginner level (A1). Once the test is complete, the website allows the participant to enroll in courses that match their knowledge base.

When a user views a particular course, a FAQ section displays that helps answer the most popular questions relevant to that course. A general FAQ page is also available that outlines more wide-ranging program information. The benefits of FAQ pages are twofold: they provide instant answers to users’ inquiries (without contacting the company directly) and reduce the amount of time-consuming customer relations work the company must complete.

We also automated an appealing type of payment system for course participants. Instead of having users pay upfront for the entire course, an automated system only processes payments upon program commencement and completion.

To assist with Speak Spanish Academy Inc.’s digital marketing efforts, we set up AutomateWoo, an email marketing automation software. This intuitive system converts and retains customers by automatically sending emails about everything from abandoned carts to subscriptions.

Client Testimonial

What they say about us

We have worked with Awesome Web Designs on a full website relaunch in 2021. As a Spanish language academy, we had a lot of industry-specific needs.

AWD was wonderful to work with. They were friendly, organized, flexible, professional, and responsive.

AWD was always willing to take the extra step to make sure we were happy with the final result. They met with us to show progress along the way, and offered plenty of opportunity for feedback. They kept the process streamlined and simple, took care of all of the technical details, and were always pleasant to work with.

I got the sense that they really cared about our site. We are very happy with the final product!

Celina Gutierrez

Founder, Owner
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The Results / Future Plans

Better e-commerce total sales and performance data

Despite the inability to offer in-person courses during COVID-19, the company is experiencing more growth than ever before. Their new website has improved clicks, impressions, and average position. The site consistently ranks on page one for numerous keywords, with new keyword opportunities always being targeted.

Our work has also generated: A 43% increase in e-commerce total sales from 2020 to 2021. A 26% increase in total e-commerce sales when comparing year-to-date versus the previous period.

AWD will continue supporting Speak Spanish Academy Inc.’s marketing efforts by completing its website maintenance, SEO, and digital marketing. We’re also integrating a Learning Management System (LMS) using LearnDash that will streamline course content delivery.

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