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Client Background

Plant lighting that doubles as beautiful decor

Soltech Solutions is a luxury plant lighting brand that manufactures revolutionary grow lights that are as beautiful as they are functional. Their goal is to make real plant decor more accessible to homes and offices across the country through stylish grow lighting. The majority of their business was done through their e-commerce website which they felt was not reaching its full potential or communicating the benefits of their brand to their target market. Soltech used MindCart Ai to conduct market research into what their customers really wanted to see from their brand on their website. was also built by Awesome Web Designs using their research technology, and as such the connection with Soltech came through a referral from these former clients. The MindCart Ai platform is an innovative service that offers market research to growing businesses in an affordable, accessible, and fast manner. The founders have created a “mind type” database that gives their clients access to information about consumer insights & human dynamics relevant to their industry based on fast studies conducted with pools of 200 people or more. Leveraging Mindcart’s research expertise in targeted market studies offers small businesses access to information that could not be achieved through their own market research without considerable efforts and cost. Having this valuable information about their target market so quickly grants small businesses many opportunities to improve their marketing and sales strategies, and grow their business that may not have been possible otherwise.

The Challenge

Turning targeted research into a user-friendly interface

One of the biggest concerns Soltech had with their current website was that the user experience (UX) and the user interface (UI) of the website design did not match the value and extravagance they wanted customers to experience from their brand. Mindcart AI’s data gave Soltech a more comprehensive idea of what their target market might respond well to, or would be looking for in their website’s content.

When Soltech approached Awesome Web Designs to design a new website, they wanted to use this information to create a more luxurious UX and intuitive UI that would delight their customers. The website they were using was limited in its technology, which was restricting the ecommerce business from reaching its full potential online and potentially leaving sales on the table. We worked closely with their team to outline a website that would address all of the information learned about the target market and implement successful changes.

The Solution

Small, optimal details for bigger sales

In order to save time and increase efficiency Awesome Web Designs analyzed the landing pages of successful brands and took notes of what worked well on their pages in order to emulate these elements on Soltech’s website. We took components from high profit company websites that we felt contributed to a successful UX and adapted each one to fit the Soltech brand. By emulating elements from high profit websites, it eliminated much of the trial-and-error process and gave us a head start in designing a website with optimal visitor to purchaser conversion.

We ended up simplifying their design into more of an intuitive landing page than an elaborate website. This created a shorter customer journey by implementing targeted and specific information right on the home page, including answers to important FAQ and insights about what Soltech’s unique products are used for.

The website was built on our platform of choice, Wordpress due to its expansive capabilities and ease of use for clients. We used leading plugins Beaver Builder and Woocommerce for the most flexibility in design and versatility for the client to make their own small changes as needed. These powerful tools also allowed us to implement options Soltech did not have to access before, such as a password-protected wholesale page with a separate pricing system. We also were able to add customizations to the cart page, which included things such as automatically applied bundled discounts in order to further improve the user experience and encourage sales.

Since the website launched, we’ve been conducting A/B testing on certain elements within the website to see what contributes to higher conversion rates and increased sales specific to Soltech’s website traffic. Since we implemented elements from already successful websites we already had a pretty good idea of what brings people to their purchase, so now our goal is to refine the elements in a way that is most relevant to Soltech’s target market. So far, this has included things such as positioning of reviews, implementing a fast checkout option, and offering services such as Sezzle for multiple payments. Soltech’s website is without a doubt Awesome Web Design’s most ambitious project to date as our focus has mostly been on the conversion rates and all of the data behind a successful e-commerce website.

Client Testimonial

What they say about us

I’ve been working with the Awesome Web Design team for 4 months now and have absolutely no regrets! My company (Soltech Solutions) was looking for a revamp of our entire website front to back and were “interviewing” web design companies for months. After meeting with Guillermo I immediately knew this was our guy. Guillermo is super responsive with any and every question I’ve had and gets the job done BEFORE set deadlines. Even after the completion of the website I continue to work with Guillermo and will continue for the foreseeable future. I know designing, creating, and implementing a new site can be an extremely arduous and time consuming task but I have nothing but positive things to say about this whole experience. Absolutely no regrets and feel free to reach out to me directly if you want a first hand account of my experience working with Awesome Web Designs, I’d be happy to answer any of your questions.

Christopher Clark

Foiunder, Owner

The Results / Future Plans

Creating opportunities for other small businesses to succeed

Since launching their new website, Soltech Solutions has already seen a vast improvement to their conversion rates which has led to a great increase in revenue. Between our intuitive design, data-driven approach, and SEO knowledge Awesome Web Design’s contribution to Soltech’s new website has led them to grow their business extremely fast. They’re already seeing a huge ROI from the website, leaving their team extremely satisfied with their investment.

We will continue to work with Soltech Solutions closely, monitoring the traffic and data of their website and optimizing the elements of their pages for higher conversions and increased purchasing power. We believe that this system of research, design, and testing we have created can be used as a template for other small businesses who are looking for growth in their sales and want to see similar success. We highly endorse the use of Mindcart.Ai as a starting point in researching your target market and from there we can work with you to implement website elements that will entice visitors and encourage sales. This expertise and experience is just one one of the many valuable aspects we provide when you invest in a new website.

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