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Client Background

Request Technology

Request Technology is a reputable firm specializing in IT staffing and recruitment. It caters to two primary groups: businesses seeking talented IT professionals and IT candidates seeking job opportunities. Its primary goal is to bridge the gap between companies needing technical expertise and IT professionals seeking employment.

They approached us with a significant challenge: their website needed to be updated and built on an old version of WordPress. The site could have been more user-friendly, and its design did not reflect a modern, professional look. Key features and information were difficult to access, negatively impacting user experience.

The main focus was to create a new, user-friendly website that was easier for businesses and IT candidates to navigate and access information.

The Challenge

Transforming an outdated WordPress site into a cutting-edge talent hub

The challenges here involve modernizing a very outdated WordPress website. The client sought assistance to enhance its brand, website appearance and web functionality, prioritizing the creation of a user-friendly interface. Key objectives include:

  • Updating the logo and web design to a more contemporary look
  • Improving accessibility to current features
  • Enhancing the overall presentation of information

They needed a platform catering to businesses seeking talent and IT candidates searching for opportunities.

The Solution

Tailored solution for a seamless website navigation and engagement

To address these challenges, we undertook a comprehensive redesign of the website, focusing on:

  • User-Friendly Design: We developed a modern, aesthetically pleasing website with an intuitive user interface
  • Dual Customer Journeys: Recognizing the distinct needs of two user groups, we created separate navigation paths:
    • For Businesses: A dedicated section explaining how Request Technology can assist in finding IT talent
    • For IT Candidates: A section allowing candidates to create profiles, search for job opportunities, and apply for positions
  • Improved Accessibility: Key features and information were made more accessible, ensuring users can easily find what they need
  • Enhanced Functionality: Both businesses and candidates can now manage their activities through user-friendly interfaces. Companies can post job openings, and candidates can apply directly through the site
  • Real-Time Notifications: Implemented a system to notify the client of all activities occurring on the website, ensuring they stay informed and can respond promptly

The Results / Future Plans

Elevating online presence and streamlining recruitment processes

The redesigned website now features:

  • A modern, updated look that enhances the brand’s professional image
  • Simplified and efficient navigation for both business clients and IT candidates
  • User interfaces tailored to each user group, facilitating accessible job postings and applications
  • A system that provides real-time notifications to the client about website activities

These improvements have resulted in Request Technology’s more engaging and effective online presence, improved user satisfaction, and streamlined recruitment processes.

Looking ahead, we will continue to collaborate with Request Technology on several fronts:

  • SEO: Enhancing the website’s visibility and search engine ranking
  • Social Media Management: Managing their social media presence to increase engagement and reach
  • Web Updates and Web Care: Providing ongoing maintenance and updates to ensure the website remains current and fully functional

Request Technology’s website redesign has significantly improved its usability and functionality, providing a better experience for business clients and IT candidates. We look forward to continuing our partnership to enhance their online presence further and support their ongoing growth and success.

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