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Client Background


Founded by Jeff Levy, ProxyKin is an ambitious start up business that seeks to make a complicated legal process safe and easy for the most vulnerable members of society.

A power of attorney gives one person complete access to another person’s sensitive data when they are no longer capable of taking care of them self. This includes banking information, credit cards, and their entire identity as a citizen of the world. As such, people only give power of attorney to someone they trust completely.

However, this doesn’t stop various forms of fraud from happening every year, almost exclusively targeting elderly people aged 65 and up. In the modern era, people don’t just need to be careful who they trust to take care of them anymore. They also have to be careful about how they trust them.

There is a huge market built around hacking and defrauding people by taking advantage of the decrepit power of attorney systems in the western world. As a legal industry, it hasn’t seen any kind of technological advancement in decades. ProxyKin changes that.

ProxyKin takes the whole power of attorney process and streamlines it all into a single app. The donor tokenizes their power of attorney and gives it to their agent. Then, any time the agent uses it for anything, all the information is together and immediately accessible, making it easier for them to serve their principal, while simultaneously alerting the principal upon access, thus ensuring no fraud can take place on the part of the agent. The principal donor has control over their power of attorney, meaning it can’t be transferred to somebody else without their permission. They can also revoke their power of attorney at any time, including in situations that would be impossible using the current legal system.

The most important part of ProxyKin is that it uses blockchain technology to keep information secure. By using a decentralized computing method, complete with encryption, it becomes virtually impossible for somebody to hack any users sensitive data.
This is the incredibly simplified version of ProxyKin as a business. We know, because we were the ones tasked with simplifying it when we made their website,

We came to work with ProxyKin when we were approached by Jeff Levy about designing the web presence for his new business. Even though his product was a phone app, we believe every business of needs to have some sort of web presence. It may seem old fashioned, but the fact of the matter is that many businesses rely on a website even if they don’t support e-commerce features.

For ProxyKin, there were a few reasons why they needed a web presence. It served as an additional and discoverable point of sale, it offered customers a place to provide feedback, and it served as a hub of information for anyone curious about blockchain technology and its applications in protecting their power of attorney.

The Challenge

Developing ProxyKin’s web presence

Despite creating a site whose main point of sale was a redirect to another point of sale, we provided a variety of services for ProxyKin on this project. We helped improve their branding, managed their SEO strategy, and designed their website from the ground up, but we also helped them create a social media presence that would drive traffic to their site and facilitate sales.

The biggest challenge we faced on this project was writing copy for the site in such a way as to be comprehensible and engaging. We avoided large blocks of text and jargon at all costs.

It was difficult to present a legal concept and a technical explanation in a simple manner, but we managed it by disguising both as background on the company. We used the “What is ProxyKin” heading as a catch-all that would let us merge multiple topics of discussion under one umbrella. This created a natural feel that encouraged users to continue reading.
To top it all off, we fully optimized the on-site SEO by conducting keyword research in order to maximize the products discoverability.

We also created a specialized submission form for feedback that would change as people engaged with it. This way, it wouldn’t take up too much space on the screen until it was needed.

The way we made it work was we asked users for their first and last name, their email address, and then we prompted them to select what kind of feedback they were giving. They could choose between suggestions, questions, and feedback. Once they selected any of these three categories, the text box would expand, allowing them to type their feedback.

This feedback was then categorized and sent to developers. By categorizing everything, it creates an organized roadmap for ProxyKin’s developers. If people are asking a lot of the same questions, it’s easy to see the things they need to improve within their app. In essence, it works like a ticketing system that organizes all the feedback on the app.

Awesome Web Designs Theme
Awesome Web Designs Theme

The Solution

Designing a tight, focused home page

When we designed the ProxyKin site, we went ahead and put most of the business’s information onto a single page. The goal of the site wasn’t to get click through engagement, but instead to inform the user about ProxyKin’s app and netting a download as quickly as possible. It was essentially an extra large “about us” page. We knew if the information was relevant to the user’s informational needs, they would scroll. If not, they probably weren’t the target audience anyways.

As such, we spent a lot of time curating copy for the front page of the site. We had a lot of information to cover so that users could understand this product. We had to tell the user what ProxyKin does, how they do it, why they should use ProxyKin, and then we even had to predict further questions they might have to put in the FAQ section.

This was much easier said than done. Not only were we tasked with explaining an entire branch of law in layman’s terms, we also had to show how blockchain technology was relevant to this industry.

In the end, we managed to outline ProxyKin’s whole business in just a few paragraphs. Our goal was to keep it as short and manageable as possible. Even if our mindset going into it was that people will read if they’re interested, we didn’t want to push our luck and drive people away with more text than they could handle. If anything, keeping everything tight was only an additional challenge that we had to overcome on this project, but it all came together in the end.

To help further engagement, we created mock ups of the app to match the copy, because nothing goes better with technical explanations than a good illustration.

Our other big task was crafting the sites customer service center. The first thing we did was make an FAQ section. If we can address people’s questions on site, then obviously there would be less of a need to send them in to the ProxyKin team, thus allowing them to focus more energy on improving the app.

We decided the best approach was to display three topics which users could engage with, each one directing them to the ProxyKin help center. That’s where we included all the more specific questions users might have.

This was a good approach because it provided users with an avenue to further information, but it didn’t force it on them in a huge wall of text on the homepage.

The full FAQ was split into two sections: one for the legal questions people might have, and one for the blockchain questions. Proxykin also provided a video to include here that might help explain their business to anyone who might have been confused about what they did.

The last thing we wanted to include was the specially designed feedback form, which we kept simple and approachable. We made feedback categories that people could select that would each expand into a text field they could write their inquiry in. The expanding text box kept the initial impression of the field small, making it less likely to scare anybody away than a bigger one would.

Client Testimonial

What they say about us

Learned quickly that Guillermo and his team are very capable. Gave them several projects to execute our vision and they accomplished each one!

Jeff levy

Founder, Owner
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The Results / Future Plans

Another satisfied customer in ProxyKin

We brought all of these design principles together to create a cohesive site that served its purpose well. By limiting the scope of what the site would achieve, we were better able to target the key performance indicators that marked success for ProxyKin.

As of right now, we have created a site with two dedicated purposes: sell a product and gather feedback. To these ends, the team at ProxyKin is extremely satisfied with the product we’ve delivered for them.

It just goes to show that even in an age where everyone browses the web on their phone, products such as phone applications still rely on a website to get their message across and create sales. These are the kinds of sites that Awesome Web Designs can deliver.

Beyond acting as a point of sale, ProxyKin’s site is also a great feedback center that helps their app developers better cater to their market.

Moving forward, we have plans to help the ProxyKin developers create html email notifications for the app. This is going to be completely new territory for us because we’ll be working with Facebook’s ReactNative, an app development format we’ve never had the opportunity to work with before. We here at Awesome Web Designs love the chance to get new experiences like this, so we jumped at the chance to expand out repertoire of skills.

It will all be in line with the branding we helped them create and the tone of the copy we wrote for their site.
We look forward to working with ProxyKin on improving their software, and we hope to work with ProxyKin’s founder Jeff Levy on any other business ventures he should come up with again in the future.