Creating an online presence for an old age audience during the pandemic

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Client Background

Prescription Hearing

Prescription Hearing is a hearing aid and audiology services provider with multiple locations across the United States. Prescription Hearing aids are made with the belief that superior hearing technology should be accessible to all.

Their broad range of high-quality, easy-to-use hearing aids includes the latest features and designs, ensuring a model fits every need and budget. They are the smart choice if you are looking for the latest hearing technology.

Prescription Hearing is a hearing aid center located in the United States that didn’t have any online presence before. They contacted us through our US partners,, seeking to create an online presence for their business. This project came with several challenges, such as creating a website for an old-age audience during the pandemic.

The Challenge

Creating an Online Presence for an Older Demographic

Prescription Hearing is a hearing aid and audiology services provider in Orland. They had been providing in-person services for years, but when the pandemic hit, they quickly realized the need to create an online presence to continue serving their customers. Additionally, their target audience is predominantly older individuals, who may not be as tech-savvy as younger generations. Thus, they needed a website that would be easy to use and navigate for their target audience.

The following were the key challenges:

  1. User Experience for an Older Audience: Prescription Hearing’s primary audience is older individuals who may not be as comfortable with technology. We needed to create a website that was easy to navigate and understand for this demographic. We needed to ensure that the website design was clear, concise, and user-friendly.
  2. Online Shopping and Appointment Booking: With the pandemic limiting in-person interactions, Prescription Hearing needed to provide their customers with the convenience of online shopping and appointment booking. This meant creating an e-commerce platform that was secure, easy to use and allowed for online payments.
  3. Branding and Messaging: Prescription Hearing needed to establish a strong online brand presence that aligned with its existing branding. We worked closely with their team to create a messaging strategy resonating with their target audience while communicating their unique value proposition.

The Solution

Creating a User-Friendly Website with Essential Features

To help Prescription Hearing create an online presence, we designed and developed a new website for them. The website was designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, with large fonts and buttons for easy clicking. We made sure that the website was fully responsive so that it would work well on mobile devices as well as desktop computers. Some of the key features we integrated into the website include:

  • Online Hearing Test: We integrated an online hearing test to allow users to check their hearing capabilities from their homes.
  • Product Catalog: We designed a product catalog that displays Prescription Hearing’s wide range of hearing aids and accessories, with detailed descriptions and images for each product.
  • Appointment Booking: We created a simple appointment booking system that allows users to schedule appointments with their preferred hearing specialist at any of Prescription Hearing’s locations.
  • Educational Resources: We added a “Learning Center” section to the website, where users can access educational resources and articles about hearing loss, hearing aids, and audiology services.

Client Testimonial

What they say about us

Awesome Web Designs has done a fantastic job creating and managing our site and highly recommend his services.

Kevin Conners

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The Results / Future Plans

Email Automation, Web and Blog Content, Web Care Maintenance, and Social Media Management

While we have successfully helped Prescription Hearing create an online presence, we continue to work with them to improve and maintain their website. Our future plans include:

  • Email Automation: We plan to help Prescription Hearing set up email automation to improve customer communication and increase engagement.
  • Web and Blog Content: We will continue to provide Prescription Hearing with web and blog content to keep their website updated and relevant.
  • Web Care Maintenance: We offer web care plans to ensure that the website is up-to-date, secure, and running smoothly at all times.
  • Social Media Management: We are in conversation to help Prescription Hearing manage its social media accounts, creating engaging content and promoting its services to a broader audience.

In conclusion, we have helped Prescription Hearing create an online presence for its target audience during the pandemic by designing a user-friendly website with essential features. We will continue to work with them to improve their website and offer web care services to ensure it is secure and running smoothly. Our plans include email automation and social media management to help Prescription Hearing reach a wider audience and improve customer engagement.

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