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Client Background

Madden & Bergstrom

Madden & Bergstrom is a well-established Chicago law firm that specializes in bonds. Despite their years 70 of experience and a strong reputation in their local community, the firm did not have any online presence. Madden & Bergstrom is a proud benefactor of the Chicago Paralegal Association.

Their expertise and commitment to customer service excellence have been passed down through the generations, leading to enduring relationships with law firms throughout Illinois.

They had a lack of online visibility, and they needed a solution to manage their bonds effectively. This lack of digital presence meant they were missing out on a large potential client base that preferred to search for their services online through a web app and a client portal. Luckily, we were able to connect with Madden & Bergstrom through our US partner, Shape Connect, and help them establish their online presence.

The Challenge

Building a Website with the Ability to Submit and Manage Bonds

Firstly, their bond services were not easily accessible to clients due to the absence of a website, despite the company’s excellent reputation in the industry. Secondly, effective management of bonds was necessary, requiring the ability to submit bonds, manage clients, and track progress online.

To overcome these challenges, we developed a website, client portal, and web app to showcase their services and facilitate connections with potential clients. Our team was tasked with enhancing online visibility along with integrating various features to improve the interactivity and user-friendliness of the website.

The Solution

Centralized Client Portal and a Web App

We designed and developed a website for Madden & Bergstrom to showcase their legal services, team members, and contact information. The website was designed to be user-friendly and mobile responsive, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Madden & Bergstrom required a system to manage their bonds effectively. Our solution included developing a custom bond management system that would allow them to submit bonds, manage clients, and track the status of their bonds. The system would be cloud-based, scalable, and accessible from anywhere in the world. We integrated a client portal feature on the website, allowing clients to access their bonds and billing information and communicate directly with their lawyers.

We designed a client portal and web app for better user experience and strong engagement of clients. The given solution is an easy way to access key information and legal documents from your WordPress website.
Overall, the solutions we provided helped Madden & Bergstrom establish a strong online presence, client portal, and web app to attract potential clients and improve their client engagement. The website provided a professional and user-friendly platform for the law firm to showcase its services and communicate with its clients.

Client Testimonial

What they say about us

The website you receive from Awesome Web Designs is first-class! My business has doubled simply by having a better website than my competitors.

Daniel Madden

Owner, Lawyer
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The Results / Future Plans

Web Care Maintenance, Web Content and Social Media Management to attract more clients

We are still helping Madden & Bergstrom with various aspects of their website. We update their web and blog content regularly to keep their clients informed about the latest financial planning trends. This will help improve the website’s organic visibility and attract more potential clients.

Establishing a social media presence is also important to reach potential clients who are active on social media. But, the law firm had no experience in social media marketing, so we are helping them create a strategy and provide guidance on how to effectively use social media to engage with potential clients.

Our team will also be managing and boosting all their social media accounts to increase engagement and visibility.

We look forward to continuing to work with Madden & Bergstrom to help them achieve even greater success in the future.

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