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Client Background

Live Athletics

Los Angeles-based Live Athletics is a physical therapy and sports recovery centre offering comprehensive services to all levels of athletes, including professionals. Founded by former college football player Zach Ray, the centre has helped over 12,000 people recover from pain and improve performance using an all-natural method. The centre’s unique offerings – such as its MLB-level training program – are provided both in-person and via the Live Athletics app.

To help with expansion opportunities, Live Athletics was recently seeking investors. However, they knew that their current website was severely lacking in design, functionality, and content structure. The company reached out to Awesome Web Design (AWD) to create a modern website that would help attract investors and new clientele.

The Challenge

To develop a WordPress website that professionally showcased the company’s uniqueness

Live Athletic’s original website was basic and outdated, with disorganized navigation and content flow. The site was limited for search engine optimization (SEO) and lacked clear calls to action (CTAs), affecting the conversion rates.

To grow its client base and attract investors, the company wanted its new site to be highly professional and offer a better user experience (UX).

The company understood that SEO is a long-term strategy and wanted to continue improving it once the website was launched.

The Solution

A WordPress website with a professional design, fast load times, and better-organized content

We started by determining how we would reorganize the entire website in a more organized manner. While following website architecture best practices, we implemented structuring elements such as a simple top-level navigation menu, user-friendly URLs, and consistent formatting.

As the company has three main offerings – therapy, performance, and injuries – we decided to structure the content into these areas. Although we were reusing the site’s previous copywriting, we uploaded it more appealingly and with stronger CTAs.

We chose a modern, aesthetically-appealing design that would better showcase the company, keep website visitors engaged, offer numerous visual details, including videos, and highlight the company’s app.

Finally, we ensured that the new website was optimized as much as possible for speed and SEO best practices.

Client Testimonial

What they say about us

Guillermo and his team did a great job breathing fresh air into our business and our online presence. They were efficient and effective and we are now starting to capitalize on our increased web traffic.

Zach Ray

Founder and Owner

The Results / Future Plans

A highly optimized website that provides ideal UX

Throughout the creation of Live Athletic’s website, we followed SEO best practices that would help improve the company’s search engine rankings.

With the help of one of WordPress’s speed optimization tools, we created a site that offered optimal load times. We also completed technical SEO elements, including crawling, indexing, rendering, and website architecture.

Although we weren’t hired to create new website content for the company, we did reorganize and curate it throughout the site. The result is a more easily navigable site with fast load times, leading to a better UX.

Today, Live Athletics is dedicated to continually improving its search engine rankings. The company hired AWD to complete regular blog content and SEO improvements.

We’ll also be eventually managing their social media platforms.

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