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Client Background

Levy Zavet PC, Lawyers

Levy Zavet is a Toronto based law firm specializing in real estate, corporate business matters and estates and taxes. Their services range to handle things such as real estate closings, private mortgages, wills and estate planning, and private lending agreements. Owner Jeff Levy originally contacted Awesome Web Designs in 2019 to create a website for a blockchain app called ProxyKin his company was developing. The website and branding turned out great, and the clients were pleased with the results. With this positive experience still in mind, Jeff reached out once again to have a new website designed for his business.

Due to the COVID pandemic situation, it was recommended that businesses refrain from conducting non-essential business in person wherever possible. As a law firm, Levy Zavet still needed to provide essential services, but in light of the current situation, they needed to adapt to be able to offer the services virtually. Many people were in the midst of moving or selling their homes when the pandemic started, so closing on their sale or seeking assistance with a mortgage was a necessity.

Levy Zavet lawyers were still able to offer these services to clients in quarantine by adopting an all virtual model of consultation, document signing, and secure transfer of digital documents. Since this would be a relatively new and specialized service, they decided a separate landing page would be best for marketing. Guillermo, the founder of Awesome Web Designs, knew that a brand new landing page (or microsite) would be beneficial in this scenario for the SEO of virtualclosings.ca and for quick turnaround time.

The Challenge

Creating trust in a traditionally “face to face” industry

As this landing page was an addition to the main website Levy Zavet was already using, virtualclosings.ca had to be created from scratch. The purpose of the page was to offer an adapted essential service in response to a global pandemic keeping people isolated and unable to seek services as usual. The page would have to fully define the service separate from other information and branding by Levy Zavet company, while also keeping it relevant to the parent company.

Landing pages are designed to be short and specific in purpose, so the challenge was creating a website that was extremely professional looking in order to establish the company’s authority and credibility with visitors in less space than usual. In this case, as we were dealing with an industry that is highly sensitive and traditionally handled in a face to face manner, the content had to be very clear cut and easy to understand.

In creating the content that would fill the website and explain the virtual closing service, we also had to consider on-page SEO as one of the goals of the website was to reach more people with this specialized service through organic Google search traffic. The combination of these elements to create a user-friendly, high converting, and SEO ranking website is why it’s advisable to hire a web professional for any new website. Read more about SEO basics in our blog post SEO Guide for Beginners.

It is typical when hiring a team or freelancer that some type of initial consultation or meeting takes place to discuss the parameters of the project, and communicate goals and ideas. In this situation due to restrictions put in place by the pandemic, all consultation and collaboration had to be done remotely. We were able to connect virtually for a consultation and securely discuss details. From there, the entire process was completely managed through email only, with no need for in-person contact. As this type of remote service was something Jeff Levy was implementing into his own business, he was already familiar with the concept and benefits so working collaboratively in this capacity was no issue. We recognize that adapting to virtual-only contact is new and challenging to some, however as a team of freelancers our expertise extends to meeting and working remotely, so we are happy to take the lead.

The Solution

Creating a microsite for fast, effective service

Virtual closings are a relatively new and specific service to be offered by Levy Zavet lawyers in response to the restrictions put in place because of the pandemic. Real estate transactions are still taking place, so potential clients need to be aware of this virtual service more than ever. The decision to make virtualclosings.ca it’s own microsite, separate from Levy Zavet’s main website was beneficial for SEO purposes and would allow a greater focus on those specific keywords. We restructured and optimized the content on the page so that it would follow SEO best practices, and make it easily found by those searching for virtual real estate closing.

As an experienced web designer, Guillermo already had an efficient step by step process in place to be able to develop the virtualclosings.ca website very quickly. The entire website was able to be completed and turned over to the customer in less than a week’s time. Inspired by the fast turnaround time and pleased with the website, Jeff realized that he had two similar projects that could benefit from their own landing pages – mortgageenforcer.ca and mortgageadmininstrator.ca.

These two microsites were created to be part of a resource library for specialized services that Levy Zavet offers. Having separate landing pages allows the company to give specific information about that service, without having too much content all on one website. It also allows them to create focused keywords for different services, in order to improve the SEO and searchability of those pages. Mortgage Enforcer focuses on debt collection, enforcement of private loans and mortgages, power of sales and foreclosure. Mortgage Administrator focuses on managing private mortgages, loan administration, and mortgage underwriting. As was the case with virtualclosings.ca, we had to present a very professional looking website with expertly organized content in order to create trust and authority in a very important industry and rank well in SEO. Luckily there was prior experience working with Levy Zavet to draw from in order to execute this effectively.

Client Testimonial

What they say about us

Learned quickly that Guillermo and his team are very capable. Gave them several projects to execute our vision and they accomplished each one!

Jeff Levy


The Results / Future Plans

Grow your online presence in a cost-effective way

Overall, it was a great pleasure to have this project grow from one landing page into three different microsites. Working with different website models is a fun yet challenging part of being a web designer, especially in this case where the focus was short and quick microsites as opposed to traditional multi-page websites.

The concept of creating a microsite for a new product or service can be very beneficial to businesses if the offering is slightly different from their main focus (ie virtual legal services instead of Toronto real estate law services). Having a separate page allows you to focus on different keywords from the main site in order to generate more organic traffic and rank higher in SEO for that specific page.

It could also be a beneficial idea for businesses who are offering short term, seasonal, or urgent offers, especially if it is also in response to the pandemic situation. Having a microsite dedicated to your specialized product/service will contain less content meaning it can be created in less time for less money than a full 5+ page website.

If you’re adopting a new service or product at this time and could use a microsite to help launch it, please contact us for a consultation. We will work with you on an individual basis to determine if a microsite could be beneficial for your unique situation. If you are looking for additional resources to assist your business through COVID-19 check out this blog post for a list of free resources!

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