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Client Background

La Claqueta PC

La Claqueta PC is an established film & media production company that has been in business since 2002. Starting from humble beginnings in special occasion videography, owners Olmo Figueredo and Manuel H Martín have grown the business to become one of the biggest production companies in the south of Spain. Over the past 18 years, the two owners have been successful at steadily transitioning their business to offer increasingly valuable services. What started with wedding and first communion videos grew into brand advertising videos, then to short films, eventually leading them to feature films. Olmo and Manuel have been experts at pivoting and scaling their business as they now continue to grow their feature film role and focus more on the production aspect of their business.

La Claqueta PC is a well-known brand in Spain, and so as they transition their business once again to narrow the focus they needed a website that could meet their evolving needs but stay true to the brand. Previously, the website listed all of the services that the company was experienced in, as well as examples of a variety of their work including branding and advertising. In order to stand out as a production company, they wanted to divide their offerings into two sister brands and separate their portfolio work. When La Claqueta PC approached Awesome Web Designs to design a new website, their goal was to create a library of all of their productions and make it easier for potential partners to contact them with new ideas.

The purpose of this shift in content would be to better distinguish La Claqueta PC as a production company, target a new audience, and create a better experience for website visitors. They knew they wanted to gain new traffic to their website in order to grow their film services, so they wanted to separate their content in order to focus on quality traffic over quantity. We were more than happy to jump on board and get to work!

The Challenge

Designing a website with multiple users in mind

The goal of their previous website was to inform, but with the focus of La Claqueta PC shifting they wanted to transition their cinema-specific content to be more dynamic. This website would function as an active portfolio of their productions that users could browse through titles, sort by genre or streaming platform, and see detailed information. They wanted to make it easy for website visitors to find and watch their titles, but also for other production companies to see a variety in their work based in Spain to showcase their regional production service capabilities.

This was one of the most extensive website projects Awesome Web Designs has undertaken to date and required overcoming four separate challenges:

  • Restructuring the website concept of an already established brand to focus on a specific aspect.
  • Emulating the look and feel of streaming services so that it would be easy for users to follow.
  • Organizing the entire productions portfolio into a database La Claqueta PC can utilize.
  • Turning a complex concept into a website that will be simple to maintain and update in the future.

Additionally, the old La Claqueta PC website was receiving a fair amount of traffic. In order not to lose all of it we had to be diligent in our SEO strategy and direction of some of the pages. This project required extensive strategizing, organizing, and creative problem-solving in order to meet all of these criteria.

The vision for the design and function of this website was simplicity above all else. Previously they had a simple website that was complex to update, but we wanted to make a complex website simple to update. Even though it required more work on our end, we wanted to make sure the website would work to serve La Claqueta PC much better in the future. The old website had a multitude of users that were uploading all kinds of different files with no systems in place. By creating a central database separate from the website that users could simply enter details into, we could organize all of the information with much more consistency and efficiency.

This simplistic and efficient application would also need to be replicated for website visitors. This required compiling information and linking it to multiple streaming sources from one central location (the website).

Awesome Web Designs Theme
Awesome Web Designs Theme

The Solution

Demonstrating value in an established brand

As La Claqueta PC already had established branding, we followed those guidelines and applied them to the design of the new website. We emphasized a bold, dark look in order to simulate a “Netflix” type of feeling for the page. We used video elements and movie thumbnails to make it evident the business was a full-scale production company as soon as you click on the website.

This website also required our expertise in restructuring the content on the website to achieve its core function. All of the movie titles were placed on the home page and sorted by category, leading to a comprehensive page of all titles. From there, titles can be sorted by production type, genre, release status, and streaming platform. Visitors can also type to search by a cast member or director. Upon clicking on a thumbnail, it brings up synopsis and production details, festival, nomination and award info, and links to IMDB page, trailer and platform it is streaming on.

In order to achieve this, we organized a detailed Excel spreadsheet with all of the data laid out. It is connected to the web page so that when updating the spreadsheet with new information it simultaneously updates the website. This solves a huge problem for La Claqueta PC in terms of cataloguing their movies & TV shows and updating their website more efficiently. This method requires no Wordpress experience or permissions, so having multiple users is no longer a concern.

We also added About & Contact pages in order to make it a complete website. These pages serve as secondary functions to the website but were necessary to include in order to encourage potential partners & clients to contact the company.

Client Testimonial

What they say about us

We have extensive experience working with Guillermo since 2013, both as a subcontracted agency and as a client. Guillermo assisted us with web design, graphic design, social media management, SEO, and branding services, involving clients such as Real Betis Balompie and Heineken España. We recommend Awesome Web Designs 100%.

Olmo Figueredo

Founder, Owner
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The Results / Future Plans

Allowing room for growth in an expanding business

This new website is a great benchmark for La Claqueta PC in the division of their sister brands. It is easy to navigate, complimentary to their brand, and fulfills the function of a comprehensive library. There will be a new website coming for the sister company that we will create with a similar look and feel for the branding portfolio.

We will still be providing regular maintenance to the website as we recommend with all websites. There are a few small changes to make in the future, including the migration of the blog page. Currently, it only resides on the Spanish version of the website, but we will be migrating it to the English version as well. The information on the website is very easy for La Claqueta PC staff to update themselves thanks to the Excel spreadsheet we created. We made sure this consistent data update would be easy for any user to update.

Obviously the extensive nature of this particular project is not something every business needs. However, if you do have a portfolio that you’re considering displaying on your website a similar solution may be a worthwhile investment. We are problem solvers by nature and are always willing to find creative solutions to achieve your goals. If you’re looking for a website that serves a greater purpose, such as this one we’d be happy to schedule a consultation to discuss how we can help meet your needs!

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