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Client Background

Irvine Nugent & Associates

Irvine Nugent is a keynote speaker in Washington, D.C. who educates business leaders about leadership skills such as emotional intelligence, body language, lie detecting, and executive presence, among other things. He has a PhD in management at Capella University, and has completed various programs in executive leadership coaching. He also studied under Paul Ekman as a master trainer, cementing his title as a leadership and behavioural analysis expert. Ekman served as scientific advisor on Fox’s hit series, Lie to Me. He also served in an advisory role in Pixar’s Inside Out. Paul Ekman’s lifelong research on human emotion and psychology is the foundation of Nugent’s business.

It goes without saying that Nugent offers his clients a valuable set of skills. With over fifteen years in senior leadership roles with all sorts of organizations under his belt, Nugent is a professional businessman who knows exactly what you need to run a company. For him, a successful leader is one who understands themselves and their employees in order to get the best performance out of everyone. Nugent is much more than a teacher. He’s a king maker of the modern world.

Since he started his business, Nugent has taught people all across the globe, from the United States of America to Asia. Born in Northern Ireland, Nugent has experience working with all sorts of different people, including major global organizations such as Disney, Apple, and the CIA.

Irvine Nugent operates his business partnered with Pam Coffey and Trista Schoonmaker. Their services are highly sought after and together, the three of them help make some of the best business leaders in the world.

The Challenge

Building Irvine Nugent’s domain to cater to an audience

When we started this project, we were fortunate that the Irvine Nugent brand was already well established. They already had a logo and a good client base.

That being said, while we didn’t have to design the brand from the ground up, we did need to take some time to focus on branding priorities. We knew we would have to work on marketing solutions for the brand because there were little to no people discovering Nugent naturally. As of writing, we’re currently working on expanding the sites marketing through email campaigns and newsletters. This phase of the project is critical because it’s where we guarantee the return investment in our service. You may have an operable ecommerce site, but Awesome Web Designs’ expert marketing techniques will attract the bulk of your customers.

To further discoverability, we also plan on implementing thorough search engine optimization in order to best take advantage of the Google search algorithm. Our local SEO strategy will revolve around the creation of a Google My Business local directory, designed to increase the chances of showing up in Google’s Local Pack, Local Finder, Google Maps, and organic rankings in general.

We’ve also implemented a blog, allowing visitors to share the site with others and increase content visibility.

We wanted a user-friendly site for the client, so we used WordPress and Beaver Builder. This conjunction allows future changes to be made easily without costly redesigns to interfaces and templates and offers an extensive array of plugins.

For the professional look of the site, we used the Astra theme in order to appeal to our target business audience.

Once the site’s architecture was complete, we started on the e-commerce layout. Navigability was our primary concern. We crafted the layout to show off what Nugent has to offer, and the copy of the products was tailored to appeal to potential clients. We were sure to make good use of engaging videos and visuals to represent the service. Customers are greeted with a clear call to action and it is easy to choose the service that is right for them.

The e-commerce site is PCI compliant. PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a security initiative created to offer service providers and merchants a unified approach towards safeguarding credit card holder information for all types of credit cards, preventing credit card fraud, cracking, and various other security threats and vulnerabilities.

Awesome Web Designs Theme
Awesome Web Designs Theme

The Solution

Serving Irvine Nugent & Associates’ business needs and determining the right product for them

We came to help Nugent after we found his listing online searching for someone to develop his site. After a round of interviews, Nugent decided to work with us, and we were happy for the opportunity to work with him.

Nugent already had a domain when we met him, but it needed to be completely overhauled in order to for us to make it a viable selling point for his business.

When we first looked at what he had, we knew we needed to make something modern and professional. We chose to design the sites layout with the end user in mind. We made the pages easy to navigate for both desktop and mobile users alike. We also made sure our text format wouldn’t overwhelm users looking for a cursory review of such an in-depth topic as emotional intelligence.

It can be hard to sell products such as soft skills online. People are accustomed to having tangible pictures of what they’re going to buy, but you can’t take a picture of emotional intelligence. Instead, we incorporated multimedia video examples of lessons Nugent offers as a replacement. The goal was to convince the consumer that the product being sold is valuable. Most people in the executive branch of their company aren’t going to drop thousands of dollars on a product they don’t believe in. This is just one way we here at Awesome Web Designs know how to use intelligent layout design to service an intended audience.

We knew the main demographic that would be looking at this domain would be business leaders, so we tailored the design of the site around that audience in particular. Everything is designed to guide the reader through the interface, from the fonts and colours to the menus and logo. The approach was highly successful. Less than a month after launching the first mini-site for this project, Irvine Nugent brought in over $12,500 USD in online sales.

Client Testimonial

What they say about us

Over the years I have worked on 4 different websites for my business. This however has been the best experience by far. First and most importantly I have a beautiful website which exceeded my expectations. Second the experience of working with Guillermo was top notch. Right from the beginning he offered great advice and he really got my vision. Finally the turnaround time was quick and communication was excellent.

Dr. Irvine Nugent

Founder, Owner
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The Results / Future Plans

The best web design in Toronto

Thanks to Awesome Web Designs, Nugent has a domain to host his portfolio and run his business that reflects his influence in the industry. In the coming months, we plan on further developing Irvine Nugent’s online presence with SEO and other marketing strategies in order to improve the businesses visibility on Google and encourage repeat customers to patronize his business.

Awesome Web Designs will be providing ongoing support to Nugent’s business for as long as they need it. Since his business is only run by three people, we even offered to manage the e-commerce portion of the site for them, just one way we provide superior service for our clients.

Since we started working on his site, Nugent has approached us about helping design another domain for him. This time, it’s a joint venture between him and another partner in the industry. The domain will have a similar scope as his original one and feature both them and their services. We consider this the ultimate success for us and take it as a sign of yet another satisfied customer.

Irvine Nugent & Associates is a perfect example of how the Awesome Web Designs approach works for our clients. We provide a personal service that caters to their every need. We strive for a client experience so good that you’ll come back to us again for all your online service needs. We develop marketing strategies, build and improve websites, manage web hosting, and offer graphic design services, among the countless other services we provide. If there’s ever a service you need that we can’t provide, we have a deep list of industry professionals we can draw from who we’re sure can collaborate with you to provide the best possible experience for you and your business.

The relationship doesn’t end when the project does either. We provide ongoing support for all our clients that need it. Whether you’re an established business or brand-new start up, we’re there to put the work in. We value our clients because we know every business has its ongoing tech needs. Many businesses can’t afford a marketing department, and that’s where Awesome Web Designs steps up to deliver. We offer high-end industry service at an affordable price that you can’t get at a big web design agency.

The Irvine Nugent & Associates story attests to our intensive client dedication. We’ve delivered a quality product, and we will continue to achieve the goals set out for us by our client. Our service has been so satisfying that we’ve even been asked to start a whole new project from scratch. Nugent is the type of person who can spot an honest, well-intentioned person from a mile away. The fact that he trusts us with his online business development is proof enough of our quality service.