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Services Provided: Graphic Design, Web Development

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Client Background


Though Awesome Web Designs is a Canadian based company, we do have our fair share of experience with international projects. One of our first jobs, back when this company was just a single guy doing freelance work, was with Cruzcampo, the Heineken sister brewery in Seville, Spain.

The job itself was unique from much of the other work we’ve done at Awesome Web Designs. In 2014, Awesome Web Designs’ founder, Guillermo Figueredo, was contracted by La Claqueta PC to help run Cruzcampo’s Festival de la Primavera event.

To put things in perspective, the Festival de la Primavera is a lot like Spring Break in the United States and Canada. It’s a spring celebration that literally translates into English as “The Spring Festival.” The Festival draws in huge amounts of college and university students, which is what Guillermo was called in to help with. It was his job to run social media live during the event in order to maximize engagement and get Cruzcampo trending across the city.

A big part of the event was a competition between the college and university campuses in Seville. Whoever got the biggest social media response during the event would go on to win a prize for the faculty, further encouraging everyone to participate and prove who has the best school spirit around.

The Challenge

Gamification: Running events in real time

The two main services we provided for the Festival were graphic design and live field production.

Leading up to the event, Cruzcampo posted and advertised their Festival de la Primavera throughout the city. Going into the Festival, everybody knew to post their pictures of the event on Twitter with the hashtag #holaprimavera (‘#hellospring’). We used Twitter’s geolocation functionality to register what tweets were being made at the event so we could post them on the big screen at the main stage, showing attendees that we were seeing their posts and engaging with them personally.

We also made sure that the top five trending schools participating in the competition were being displayed on the screen constantly throughout the day, letting the attendees keep up with the competition in real time.

To this end, we also provided graphics that would go alongside the tweets and images on-stage. We put together a packet of graphics that were in line with the branding image Cruzcampo wanted to portray of the event and tell everybody what the rules of the school competition were. Many of the graphics were also used in the marketing material leading up to the event.

The Festival was unlike any other job we’ve done at Awesome Web Designs. As a whole, we only spent about two weeks working on the graphics that were displayed at the event. What was more important was the planning and execution. The equipment used at the event was provided by La Claqueta PC, but running the social campaign was all us.

We planned out posts ahead of time to keep people engaged with the event online, and we curated the photos and images for the event in real time.

The approach we took with the event was innovative and non-traditional. Above all, it speaks to the flexibility of Awesome Web Designs as an international marketing company. We know how to think outside of the box and we aren’t afraid to implement new ideas in unique environments.

Awesome Web Designs Theme
Awesome Web Designs Theme
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The Results / Future Plans

Well laid plans that get results

The Cruzcampo job in Seville is easily one of the biggest we’ve ever done at Awesome Web Designs. Seville is a city of almost 700,000 people. We managed to get Cruzcampo to the top trending spot on Twitter for the day both in Seville and throughout the province of Andalucia, with a population of over eight million. We reached just under that entire population of people with our campaign.

The Olympic stadium where the event was held had over 30,000 people in the field during the event, all of whom were engaging on Twitter with us live.

Our goal was to make Cruzcampo go locally viral. We wanted to see our hashtag hit top trending in Seville, which it did. It was also trending outside of Seville, across the entire province of Andalucia. The campaign was a huge success for Cruzcampo. To this day, they still hold the Festival every year and people love it.

The Festival represents a mix of traditional advertising meeting digital marketing actions. Cruzcampo and La Claqueta PC advertised the event through more traditional means, by posting ads throughout the city. However, they also used social media marketing to reach their audience, which was an effective technique considering the fact that their main demographic for the event was post secondary students who were of drinking age. This group of people responds best to digital forms of marketing, particularly social media, so it was definitely a good call on their part.

A recurring theme in this marketing plan has been pride. The point was to appeal to the consumers pride in their school to create engagement, but there’s a reason the Festival had such a wide influence beyond its core demographic.

Cruzcampo is owned by Heineken and they brew their beer locally in Seville. In Spain, beer is a deeply rooted part of a cities culture. For Seville, Cruzcampo is the only beer anybody ever drinks. Just like how Guinness is associated with Ireland, Cruzcampo is associated with Seville.

Moreover, every city has its own beer. People associate with their beer the way they do with their sports teams. If you live in Seville and you order a beer, there’s only one option, and that’s Cruzcampo. All throughout the south of Spain, people drink Cruzcampo.

The Festival de la Primavera hosted by Cruzcampo was about more than just proving which school had the best representation, it was about celebrating Seville’s local brewers and showing the rest of the country how proud everyone was to have Cruzcampo beer in Seville.
Since working with Cruzcampo, we’ve gone on to do many other international campaigns. Our work with them is what gave us the opportunity to do a lot of our work in Spain, because it serves as an amazing reference for our company to have worked with a locally beloved brand like that.

Since Awesome Web Designs is stationed in Canada, we haven’t done any other live events in Spain. However, our work on this event has given us a great experience to draw from in future endeavors of this kind.

Awesome Web Designs looks forward to any live event jobs that may come our way. We know we have the tools to reach the widest audience possible and we can’t wait for our next opportunity to show off our talent.