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Client Background

Harris TIme, Inc.

Harris Time was founded in the 1980’s by Dave Harris. Today, the company is run by his son Andrew. It’s one of the biggest scoreboard companies in Ontario, but it wasn’t until recently that they began to make the shift online.

Harris Time newed their business site two years ago. A year later, they started working with Awesome Web Designs. Since then, we’ve collaborated together on a site that’s elevated their business interests beyond what they thought they were capable of.

Harris Time has built a reputation for reliable business, but before they had the new website, they weren’t very easily approachable. They had a big client base, but they weren’t taking advantage of it. Scoreboards are the type of product that can last for decades, and because of that, clients would make one order and disappear for years.

Harris Time has also built its reputation on scoreboard repairs. Even if you got your scoreboard from a competitor, they’ve always been happy to come in and do whatever work needs to be done to get it into working order again.

It can be a real challenge to get an old, profitable company to change the way they do things. At Awesome Web Designs, almost all our clients are brand new start-ups or older companies making the step into the digital realm. We have a lot of experience working with companies like Harris Time, and we know just how much a cooperative approach to web design and company management can benefit both of us as business partners. By gradually introducing the little things that will make them more money, it becomes easier to change the big things that will make them even more.

The Challenge

Collaborative strategizing with the client as the first step to success

Our work with Harris Time can be outlined in four phases: organization, efficiency, client optimization, and client acquisition.

To meet our organizational goals, we worked with the company to set up new systems of conducting business. If we wanted to improve efficiency, we knew we had to use those organizational systems to the best of their ability. To achieve our client optimization goals, we developed new marketing campaigns to reach Harris Times existing customer base. Finally, to achieve maximum client acquisition, we optimized Harris Times on-page SEO to achieve better results in Google, and we continue to improve their off-page SEO to let them cast an even wider net and bring in that much more organic traffic.

In order to evaluate what needed to be done, we conducted an on-page SEO audit to establish our SEO strategy. We concluded there were a whole host of things we could do to improve their results, including improve mobile compatibility, review content, conduct keyword research and optimization, check all URLs, optimize page speed, structured data checks, and local SEO optimization, among so many other things.

We also conducted an off-site SEO audit, which included developing strategies for competitor research, email outreach, and paid curator links.

The Solution

The creative process behind implementing marketing solutions

The first phase of this project was organization, starting with cleaning up their domain. While we didn’t have to create a new site from the ground up, we did spend some time at first going through what they already had and making it more SEO friendly.

There were a lot of links to missing pages and improperly formatted sections on the site, so we went ahead and fixed everything up to improve the on-site search engine optimization. It also contributed towards improving user experience. Afterall, if users don’t enjoy their on-site experience, they’re less likely to explore and discover new things about the business. This first step was key to making Harris a competitor in the online game.

We also wanted the website to be able to answer any questions a potential customer might have, so we updated it with some new, much needed product information.

Once we had the site in order, we could start organizing their business. We worked together with Harris Times’ administrative sales department to streamline their client process. We saw there were times they would spend all day responding to emails with customers to finalize sales, so we set them up with Hubspot CRM to make email management far easier.

We also helped them with lots of graphic design, including email signatures, business cards, and even the logo that had been in place since the ’80s. We also continue to help them with business presentations in order to attract big investors to Harris’ new products.

Case Study

Increasing the client base and optimize interaction with clients

Once we completed the organizational phase, the next step was customer growth. It was important to do things in that order because as it was, they were dealing with about as many people as they could.

Once we optimized administrative efficiency, it became much more plausible to increase the client base. Our client growth strategy centered around optimizing Harris Times interaction with their clients. Most people who were buying their products would disappear from their radar for years, so we implemented an email marketing strategy to upsell their newer line of products to their already existing customers. Email marketing is great because it targets people who have already purchased your product and are more likely to buy again. Even better, it costs you absolutely nothing, because sending emails is free.

At Awesome Web Designs, we know that part of what makes digital marketing such an effective tool is that you can track every aspect of it. Where advertisers once had to estimate the number of impressions their ads were getting, we can now get exact figures on engagement. Keeping a close eye on our metrics, we slowly tweaked the marketing emails until we were finally satisfied with the results we were getting from them.

The main reason the email marketing campaign we organized attracted so many sales was because now, Harris Time was actually engaging with their customers. The fact that they were able to get their customers to buy additional products is proof they managed to become more than just a scoreboard manufacturer like they had been for forty years.

The final phase of this project was customer acquisition. After our SEO audit, we learned the market for Harris Times product was so niche that it would be incredibly easy to rank for in Google. Through some simple on-site SEO, we managed to boost Harris Times customer acquisition significantly in only two months.

We improved their organic traffic from Google by 50%, lead generation by 71%, and total local SEO searches by 114%. Not only did we acquire them new clients in an incredibly short time frame, but through our comprehensive ongoing SEO plan, those numbers are only going to get higher.

Harris Time Case Study

Harris Time On-Page SEO Case Study

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Client Testimonial

What they say about us

Awesome Web Design is my go to company for our web design and marketing material!

I had initially hired a different company to do my website. After many months of frustration I met with Gui and decided to have him finalize the project. He tied up all the loose ends and completed tasks that were never mentioned to my by the other firm.

He is currently creating our companies marketing strategy, designing the marketing material, developing a email campaign and he continues to work on the website and SEO.

I highly recommend him if you are looking for a custom web design or marketing strategies and implementation!

Andrew Harris

Business Development Manager

The Results / Future Plans

Ongoing projects with ongoing Clients

We here at Awesome Web Designs don’t see our partnership with Harris Time ending soon. As of writing, we’re currently working on improving the businesses off-site SEO to improve customer acquisition even further.

While the web design portion of our project with Harris Time was actually quite small, it goes to show how much we do outside of just web design. We help our business partners market and sell their business. We help them with customer acquisition and scaling their business to meet higher demands. In all, we give them the ability to expand their profit margins exponentially through our various marketing and business strategies.

For older, established companies like Harris Time, it can be hard to change their business when they’re already making a profit. Once they do, however, it lets us help them make double the profits within the same time frame. Awesome Web Designs’ service is highly customizable. We aren’t just web designers, we’re also business professionals.

In fact, before we can even start on the web design portion of our projects, it’s vital to the project to make sure there are certain necessities in place just so we can do the job properly. Once we reach a certain base line of business development, we can start to think about the kind of style we want to portray the company with.

In the end, our results speak for themselves. While many businesses might be accustomed to doing things their way, it’s impossible to argue with the numbers that we pull in. The purpose of our case studies at Awesome Web Designs is to illustrate the results we’ve gotten on other jobs. Harris Time is a perfect example of instant results and return on investment beyond what was ever previously expected.

For a price that undercuts every agency in the industry, the results you get with Awesome Web Designs are impeccable. More importantly, the service we provide is far more intensive than what you would find at an agency. Bigger companies get the job done and call it a day, but at Awesome Web Designs, we offer the support you need over an extended period of time so you don’t have to worry about your web presence falling apart. We fill many roles for our clients. Whatever they need us for, we’re there. It’s exactly why we offer free consultations, and it’s exactly why you should come to us to get your business online today.

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