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Client Background

Global Fisioterapia Lucena

Juan and Veronica are both trained physiotherapists who came together to found the Global Fisioterapia clinic in 2015. The clinic resides in a small town called Lucena in the south of Spain that neighbours many other large residential communities. Together, the two experts offer a wide variety of professional services including physiotherapy, therapeutic exercises for rehabilitation and athletes, pregnancy and pelvic floor health, and a pilates clinic. They have outfitted the clinic to be incredibly modern and utilize the latest technology in order to serve clients ranging from athletes, pregnant women, and even children.

Before approaching Awesome Web Designs the clinic had no website or virtually any online presence and was relying solely on walk-in traffic and word of mouth marketing. The owners of the clinic were referred to the founder of Awesome Web Designs, Guillermo after a friend recommended his work. While visiting Spain, he had the opportunity to tour the clinic to get a sense of the business in order to help bring Global Fisioterapia online. The founders had done a great job of creating a beautifully state-of-the-art and clean clinic in a great location. All that was left to do was create a professional website that would reflect the business and help bring in new customers from the surrounding area.

The Challenge

Designing an SEO friendly website that reflects the cutting edge service of the clinic

When Juan and Veronica first contacted AWD to have a website built, they originally just had in mind that it would be a professional brand tool that they could refer clients requesting information to, something equal in function to a business card. Up until this point, everything had been done manually in their business including all of their marketing, building up a client base solely on word of mouth. Guillermo knew that they had a great opportunity to expand their reach with organic Google-driven traffic due to low competition in the area. He took the time to educate the owners on the benefits of investing in a website that was more than just a static tool so they would truly understand all of the benefits the website could offer, as well as all of the opportunities for the future.

A website built with strong SEO components would be able to increase their business with regional Google searches. In this case, the challenge would be to translate their in-person business into a beneficial online channel that would create new leads for the clinic. This meant AWD would have to create strong foundations for SEO using regional keywords in order to be found by the local community. Another challenge would be in creating a strong brand design that reflects the professionalism and superior services offered by the clinic.

Awesome Web Designs Theme
Awesome Web Designs Theme

The Solution

Bringing new clients from surrounding regions into the clinic with Google searches

Upon initial consultation, it was obvious that the owners did not realize the full potential that an investment into a website could bring to their business. This is why we believe that having a connection with clients is the key to understanding their needs and educating them on how our team can meet them. With Global Fisioterapia, as with every client we work with, the entire process of website development was collaborative, in order to receive crucial feedback and a full 360-degree understanding of their business.

In this situation, the client had written content already prepared that outlined and explained the services of the clinic. We were then able to adapt the pre-written content to improve the search-ability of the website, including identifying fundamental regional keywords. We also were able to create the website in Spanish, since Awesome Web Designs specializes in both languages, English and Spanish.

One thing that was beneficial in getting Global Fisioterapia’s website launched was the flexibility our web design agency is able to offer small businesses. As an agency of freelancers, we are able to offer clients a service that truly fits their needs instead of focusing on the sale of a product. We put in the effort to understand our clients and their business to offer customized service with a wide range of skillsets available on our team. In this specific case, it was helpful to offer the client the option to rework for SEO purposes the content they provided although we do offer the benefit of SEO-friendly content created by our experts.

Thanks to ample conversations we were happy to have the client fully on board with understanding the full scope of work involved in the design of the website, including how it will work. Our analysis of high performing keywords and adaptation of their written content was successful as their website is already ranking high in regional searches. Since we were able to demonstrate the investment potential of reaching new clients with Google, it is now evident that the website will certainly pay for itself in almost no time. With the clinic located in such a small local area, their industry is considered a niche which means that they will start to see a return on investment almost immediately due to low competition.

Client Testimonial

What they say about us

Excellent professional, attentive, easy to work with, and very communicative at all times. Its web design is updated and its humanity is shown from the first contact.

I have improved my SEO rankings from day one.

Delighted with the result, definitely recommended.

Juan Francisco Cabrera

Founder, Owner
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The Results / Future Plans

Developing more tools to help Global Fisioterapia reach more clients and work smarter to increase revenues.

Due to the ongoing developments of the Coronavirus pandemic, Global Fisioterapia clinic was closed as mandated for public safety. This has led us to be dynamic in the consideration of ways this website can serve a greater purpose in the future. The clinic has the potential to still offer services virtually for their clients to access at home with things such as online pilates sessions, and similar concepts.

Once the clinic reopens our focus will be on expanding their reach to new clients in neighbouring towns. We’ve also identified the potential for growth in establishing a CRM with automated functions that will create loyalty, engage recurring clients, and perform more self-sufficient tasks that are currently being handled manually. With an increased customer base and less time on nonessential tasks, the business will be able to improve their productivity and increase their revenues.

It was fortunate that Juan and Veronica contacted us when they did to have their website completed as soon as possible. Even though the doors to the clinic may be temporarily closed, having a website that is still working to improve their search rankings on Google will help them get back on their feet sooner once they are able to operate as usual. Another benefit of working with a smaller web design agency is that we are mindful of the current climate and the effects it has on small businesses. In this case, we were happy to offer flexibility in invoicing, with no expectation of final payment to be made until the business is able to fully open again. Not having a website was costing the Global Fisioterapia clinic money, so we were pleased to be able to build a tool for growth that will contribute to the success of their business in the future.

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