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Client Background

Contributed Content Connection

Contributed Content Connection aims to bridge the gap between media outlets and industry experts, sourcing field experts for various industries. Recognizing the need for niche experts in the media industry, Contributed Content Connection is dedicated to managing this gap effectively. Traditionally, journalists interview experts and quote them in articles. Contributed content is a longstanding method to connect expert sources with media outlets.

Contributed Content Connection is the first centralised hub for news article opportunities between expert sources and media outlets.

Media Outlet encompasses on-staff representatives like publishers, editors, and editorial developers – with publications in print and online. An expert source is someone who has experience or background knowledge in their field or media request topic areas, can write well, and has all the qualifications identified in the request they choose to submit a pitch for.

They contacted us through our US partners, Shape Connect, seeking to create a seamless experience for industry experts and media outlets for their business.

The Challenge

Creating an Updated System for Each Type of User

The main challenge faced by Contributed Content Connection was to develop a marketplace that catered to different types of users while providing membership-level access. Each user type required access to specific features, such as submitting pitches or search requests.

To achieve this, we designed multiple membership plans, each tailored to meet the requirements of different users. The available membership plans include the following:

Three Plans for Experts Resources

  1. Free Plan: It allows users to explore the platform and access limited resources
  2. Monthly Plan: It offers enhanced features and benefits, providing users with real-time media requests and opportunities.
  3. Yearly Plan: It provides expert resources with real-time requests and all benefits at a very reasonable price.

Two Plans for Media Outlets

  1. Free Plan: It allows users to join the platform and access limited resources.
  2. Monthly Plan: Users with a monthly plan can submit up to 20 pitches and search requests to connect with media outlets.

By offering these different membership plans, Contributed Content Connection ensures that users can choose the level of access and engagement that aligns with their specific needs and objectives.

The Solution

Creating a User-Friendly Website with Essential Features

The platform provides a unique set of features for both media outlets and expert resources.

User Workflow: Contributed Content Connection provides a streamlined workflow for each type of user. Expert Sources can become published news authors, sharing their expertise and gaining public attention. They also have the opportunity to establish themselves as leaders in their respective fields by sharing expert insights. Additionally, media links provided by the media outlets’ publications contribute to increasing the expert source website’s SEO authority. Media Outlets can submit their requests, and gain access to various options tailored to their specific requirements. For instance, the platform offers search filters, allowing expert sources to refine their search results based on different criteria.

Membership Benefits: Depending on their membership level, Expert Sources and Media Outlets gain access to various perks and features. Expert Sources can enjoy public awareness, leadership recognition, and SEO authority benefits. On the other hand, Media Outlets benefit from inbound expert source pitches, which increase their contributed content submissions. They have flexibility in scheduling requests, setting expiration dates, and specifying guidelines. Moreover, they can access experts across various fields, ensuring real human-generated content in an AI-advancing world. Media Outlets also have the option to handpick expert sources based on their pitches and qualifications.

Technical Features: Contributed Content Connection incorporates several technical features to optimize the user experience. Users receive email notifications for relevant updates, ensuring they stay informed about new opportunities and submissions. The platform also includes automatic expiration functionality, allowing users to set request time limits. Additionally, an RSS feed is connected to an email marketing platform, enabling the platform to send a newsletter to subscribers every Friday morning, ensuring regular updates and engagement.

Client Testimonial

What they say about us

We needed a cutting edge website with multiple integrations as well as custom coding that would automate everything from onboarding to sending weekly emails based on an RSS feed. Awesome Web Designs did an amazing job in every area resulting in a website that has great UX/UI, appears very clean and simple, yet is a powerhouse in terms of functionality. We couldn’t be happier with the results. We highly recommend the Awesome Web Design team!

Yvonne Petterson

Founder and Owner

The Results / Future Plans

Highly Responsive platform for Media Outlets and Experts with tailored Features

We assisted Contributed Content Connection in various areas, including branding, web development, UX/UI design, and email marketing. The platform has enhanced efficiency and user satisfaction by streamlining the process of submitting requests.

Contributed Content Connection has emerged as a reliable marketplace, revolutionizing how media outlets connect with industry experts.

By creating a membership site with tailored features, the platform effectively caters to the specific needs of media outlets and expert resources. With ongoing efforts to maintain and enhance the platform, Contributed Content Connection continues to bridge the industry gap and contribute to improving content quality.

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