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Client Background

Change Essentials, LLC

At Awesome Web Designs, we prioritize every client as if they are our only one and believe that recommendations are a true compliment to our work and customer service. We were fortunate to have Sara Keenan of Change Essentials, come to us by way of recommendation from former client Irvine Nugent. Sara was a true joy to work with on this project, as was Irvine and the similar project we completed for him on

Sara is a specialist in her industry of executive leadership and change management. With over 20 years of experience in her sector, she works with consulting firms, federal agencies, and international corporations to enhance their leadership capabilities and lead large scale change management.

Sara is a respected figure in her industry but wasn’t maximizing her full professional potential due to a lack of website and online presence. Her business grew by word of mouth but she knew she needed more than a simple LinkedIn profile in order to broaden her reach to her target audience.

The Challenge

The value in having a well-designed website

Thinking it was her best and most affordable choice to get a website up quickly, Sara decided to try to make a website herself using a popular website building tool. Although she was successful in constructing the pages, the end product was not a polished website that would act as a professional tool to show potential clients. As her skills are based on organizational communications & behaviours and not design, this led to frustration and barriers to accomplishing the website’s goal.

Sara knew there was great value in having a well-designed website that would match her branding, especially when her business caters to such high calibre clients, so after an attempt to DIY it deferring to an expert was the only option. We were so happy to be able to help!

After an initial consultation with Sara, and getting an understanding of her business, current branding, and her goals for the website the rest was simple. We on boarded her to our services using a proven system that asks the right questions so we can guarantee satisfaction in the final product.

The Solution

Brand new website to highlight professional services for valuable clients

We followed the styling of the Change Essentials brand that already existed to create a full multi-page website that was well laid out and utilized professional design elements. Her logo and branding were created to represent her Irish heritage and embody Sara’s strong and trustworthy leadership skills, so we incorporated this colour scheme, font styling and imagery into the website design.

Taking into account SEO best practices and optimal user experience, the Change Essentials website contains several dynamic pages that tell Sara’s story. We created an extended services list page that describes all of her offerings in manageable detailed sections to help break down exactly what “change management” and “executive leadership” looks like for potential clients.

We also created a case study template so that Sara can detail some of her past work with clients, even though they must be done anonymously. The website completes its professional use by explaining Sara’s methodology and the process that makes her services shine. We gave it its own separate page and broke the content down so it would be really easy to read.

This is a huge difference in hiring a professional to create your website versus doing it yourself. Our experts design the layout to be easily read and understood by customers as well as Google. This gives you better SEO results and organic traffic, as well as a more enjoyable user experience. Although using build it yourself website tools might seem like the easiest and most affordable way to go, it likely isn’t. An investment into a website can be hard particularly for small businesses or entrepreneurs but the return on investment from having this valuable brand tool is definitely worth it. The cost of hiring a professional has become more affordable in recent years thanks to page-building tools, that save web experts tons of time and resources from having to code from scratch.

Included in part of the Change Essentials project we also designed some additional marketing assets, including flyers and Google Doc templates, to help keep the brand completely cohesive. Now that Sara has a comprehensive web portfolio as well as some additional marketing tools, Change Essentials is fully equipped to start expanding its reach. Due to the keyword research we incorporate into new website content, will soon be ranking higher on Google.

Client Testimonial

What they say about us

The owner Guillermo is incredibly smart, insightful and collaborative. He is extremely professional and organized in his approach, honest and fun to work with. My website looks great – totally exceeded my expectations. Anytime I had a question, Guillermo patiently and thoroughly answered it. I would gladly recommend his work to my colleagues.

Sara Keenan

Founder, Owner

The Results / Future Plans

Continuing marketing of Change Essentials to drive traffic and create brand awareness

An additional benefit to hiring a professional to build your website is the potential to expand the site and other marketing much easier than having to start from scratch. In this case, we will be looking to add a blog page to further expand Sara’s content and authority in the industry.

It’s also important to remember that a website alone is just a tool, it matters most how you use it. In order to keep your website working efficiently, it should be reviewed and maintained regularly. It also requires some initial effort to promote the website and start getting traffic to it. A great website is no good if no one sees it! We will be working with Sara to help maintain the website and promote it to a B2B audience with LinkedIn paid ads.

An investment into a website with Awesome Web Designs goes beyond just beyond the site, it’s also an investment into a relationship with a digital marketing team. As a collective, we’re here to support you with a range of marketing services so you don’t feel alone or obligated to do it yourself. We work to understand your overall goals in order to offer suggestions and professional recommendations. Overall we were happy to be able to assist Sara to execute her vision for her website and hopefully help contribute to the growth of her brand!

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