Updating the UX/UI of Toronto aesthetics clinic e-commerce store

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Client Background

Canada MedLaser

Canada MedLaser is the leading Aesthetics & Medical Spa in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Ontario. With a strong presence in over 10 Clinic locations, the company has established itself as a trusted provider of aesthetic and medical services.

Canada MedLaser’s commitment to client satisfaction and exceptional support has earned them the prestigious 2022 Top Choice for Best Medical Spa title in the GTA.

They wanted improved website UX and a more engaging platform for their customers. Luckily, we were able to connect with Canada MedLaser through our US partner, Shape Connect, and help with their website for a better user experience.

The Challenge

Updated UX and E-commerce Navigation needed

Canada MedLaser recognized the need to enhance its website’s user experience (UX) and make its e-commerce store more engaging and appealing to customers.

They aimed to improve the overall UX experience and functionality of the website, location pages for each area, improve the mega menu, streamline the process for their service, and ensure it aligns with their reputation as a leading medical spa.

To address this challenge, a comprehensive overhaul of the website was undertaken. This involved analyzing user behavior, updating high-fidelity wireframes, identifying loopholes, and tweaking the design to improve the system. The goal was to create a seamless and intuitive experience for visitors.

The Solution

Updated UX, Ecommerce Store, and Streamline the process for each service

Mega Menu and Location Panels: A new mega menu was implemented to enhance the website’s navigation system. This allowed users to explore different website sections and access relevant information easily. Location panels were also introduced, enabling users to quickly find and select the nearest clinic location for their convenience.

Franchise Pages: Dedicated franchise pages were developed to showcase Canada MedLaser’s clinic locations. These pages provided detailed information about each clinic, including services offered, staff profiles, and testimonials. This allowed potential customers to gain insights into each location’s specific offerings and expertise.

Before and After Page: To highlight the effectiveness of Canada MedLaser’s treatments, a dedicated “Before and After” page was created. This featured compelling visual comparisons, demonstrating the transformative results achieved by their services. It served as a powerful tool to showcase the success stories of previous clients and instill confidence in prospective customers.

Improved Store Design and SEO: The online store underwent a significant redesign to enhance its visual appeal and optimize the purchasing process. Clear product categorization, intuitive filtering options, and streamlined checkout procedures were implemented. Additionally, search engine optimization (SEO) techniques were employed to improve the website’s visibility in search engine results, attracting organic traffic.

Solution Page: A dedicated solution page was developed to guide customers through selecting and ordering the services offered by Canada MedLaser. This page details the available treatments, their benefits, and pricing options. It provided a comprehensive resource for customers to make informed decisions about the services that best met their needs.

The Results / Future Plans

Satisfying Outcomes of the Project

An improved process was established to facilitate the ordering of services. This included clear instructions, streamlined forms, and secure payment options. The aim was to simplify the service booking process, ensuring a seamless and efficient customer experience.

Overall, the website enhancement project for Canada MedLaser focused on updating the UX design, making the online store more captivating, and improving the overall website functionality. The implemented solutions provided an engaging and user-friendly experience for visitors, ultimately driving customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

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