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How Web Page Builders for WordPress 2024 Perform.

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Guillermo Figueredo

The in-house WordPress block editor, Gutenberg, offers lean, efficient pages — but with limited functionality. With more than 60 million sites running WordPress, there are over a dozen page builder plugins available.

Some products add to Gutenberg to emulate full-blown page builders. Blocksy is easy to use, Generate Press is extremely fast; Kadence balances ease of use and speed.

But none of these are exactly fully-featured page builder plugins — which is what you’re looking for. Let’s look at which page builder to choose in 2024.

Criteria for Choosing a Page Builder Plugin

Any page builder plugin should expedite WordPress web design by offering you an intuitive interface, great templates you can refine into what you need, and the flexibility to customize the site quickly and easily.

You also want one that plays well with other plugins required, is backed by great support, and isn’t overpriced.

Even if all the other criteria are met, a page builder plugin that results in a bloated, slow site, or which doesn’t offer mobile responsiveness, is best avoided. With more than 4 billion mobile internet users, and Google rewarding fast sites, these two criteria are vital.

Popular WordPress Drag and Drop Page Builders

Beaver Builder

For all that Beaver Builder is as old as Divi, it’s been installed on approximately half as many sites. Don’t let that fool you: it’s lean, fast, and intuitive to use, thanks to its great user interface.

It’s more flexible and extensible than Elementor or Divi and doesn’t have you digging into code to nearly the same degree.


  • Intuitive
  • Fast
  • Stable
  • Good assortment of templates, add-ons, integrations, and plugins
  • Fast, high-quality support


  • Lack of features
  • Minor incompatibility issues
  • Unlocking the full power requires purchasing up-sells


Beaver Builder isn’t flashy, and it’s becoming noticeably old compared to competitors. But it does so many things right — things that are fundamental to great sites — that we still recommend and use it. With a major update, it could emerge as the best choice of the lot.


The 8.8 million website gorilla of WordPress web design, Elementor was the page builder for WordPress. It comes with hundreds of options and many thousands of templates, for those with the time to trawl template libraries.

More advanced design necessitates writing custom code to create custom modules that are implemented as custom plugins, complicating design and bloating sites. So much for drag and drop.


  • Loads of features and templates
  • Most third-party plugins coded with Elementor in mind


  • Excessively bloated and slow
  • Coding becoming sloppy, introducing bugs and impacting plugin compatibility


Elementor didn’t reach its current market share without doing a lot of things right. But it appears to be slipping, and we cannot wholeheartedly recommend this plugin anymore.


Divi didn’t acquire more than 2.3 million fans in a decade without a good product. However, it’s clunky, the video tutorials are excessively long, and it’s horrendously slow. Divi also makes you dive into code for advanced features, to the point that it’s not the best tool for non-professionals.


  • Loads of custom themes, layouts, and plugins
  • Most third-party plugins integrate smoothly
  • Customer service renowned for its excellence


  • Bloated and slow
  • Leftover shortcodes if you migrate away
  • Not automatically mobile-responsive


We wouldn’t recommend Divi as it currently stands. However, parent company Elegant Themes is putting Divi through such an enormous overhaul that version 5.0 will essentially be a new WordPress web design solution entirely — keep an eye out for it, as it may turn out spectacular.

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a WordPress web design tool for marketers. Optimized for speed and designed for conversion, Thrive Architect allows you to edit every element of the many ready-made layouts rapidly, using an intuitive point-and-click editor.


  • Intuitive
  • Fast
  • Over 400 landing page templates
  • Suite of complementary tools aimed at marketers


  • Price is relatively high
  • Support is lackluster


If your business is marketing, or marketing is a major part of your business, Thrive Architect may well be the best WordPress web design tool for you.


Used by over 1 million sites, SeedProd focuses on making theme creation easy. It is optimized for speed and SEO from the beginning, which is far better than trying to accomplish this later.

Its smart design philosophy allows you to save and reuse design elements, enhancing your brand identity and speeding up the design process; the AI Website Builder automates several aspects of site design.


  • Fast
  • SEO baked-in
  • Smart design and AI expedite building
  • Good plugin compatibility
  • Great pricing


  • No major downsides


SeedProd is a phenomenal WordPress page builder that we enthusiastically endorse.

WPBakery Page Builder

WPBakery Page Builder is powerful, but ancient, originating in 2011 as Visual Composer. And it shows: it’s clunky, very far from intuitive, and leaves tons of shortcodes if (when) you migrate.

You’ll spend ages building a site with it. On the other hand, it plays very well with most themes, Gutenberg, and Google Fonts, and offers powerful visual design features, including saving design choices for reuse.


  • Powerful design features
  • Integrates well with themes
  • Every aspect of landing pages can be customized
  • Very reasonably priced


  • Design is neither intuitive nor fast
  • Shortcodes make migrations nightmarish


WPBakery Page Builder was an excellent tool but has been left behind.


Breakdance is a new WordPress web design tool that initially created a massive buzz. It’s highly intuitive, streamlined, and flexible, with tools for rapid customization and easy CSS editing, as opposed to extra CSS modules.

However, the development of version 2.0 appears to have stalled, and its future is uncertain.


  • Intuitive
  • Fast
  • Flexible


  • Small theme and template library
  • Currently incompatible with Kinsta server-side caching
  • Pricing subject to change


Breakdance may become SeedProd’s main competitor for the best new WordPress web design tool.

But until version 2.0 appears, and Breakdance has a clear future, we advise choosing another tool.

Wrapping Up

Beaver Builder and SeedProd stand out as the best all-around WordPress page builders, with Thrive Architect a great choice for marketers. We trust you will find one of these tools helpful and enjoyable for creating the great site you deserve.

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