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How to Find Any Email Address on the Internet.

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Guillermo Figueredo

If looking for email addresses is an important part of your work, you will know that unfortunately not all emails are available on the web. In many cases, the contact you search does not have a professional profile on LinkedIn or the email address is not available on social networks and / or any other platform.

With just a couple of applications (plus one bonus trick), we will show you how to find or guess most companies’ and people’s emails. These tips are not complicated at all, and mastering them will have the advantage of finding or guessing the email address of the contact you are looking for.

Why is it important to find an email?

We all know the power of communicating with the right person. Even most people understand networking as the most effective method to find a job or growing your business.

However, on top of all different ways of communication, email can be one of the most effective and least invasive communication channels if used in the right way.

But to reach many people daily via email, first is necessary to systematically develop a strategy to search for their addresses:

ZoomInfo 2.0, Database management platform

ZoomInfo is a database management platform for B2B companies. Its purpose is to create effective connections to improve sales data.

With ZoomInfo, you will have the ability to easily identify and connect with decision makers in any industry. It also enables you, for example, to know the job position of your ideal clients. In other words, it provides you with a set of features to sharpen your approach when contacting specific clients.

Without the contact data of the potential client, the sales and marketing department loses effectiveness. This is where ZoomInfo helps companies. It provides access to more direct dialing and email addresses than any other B2B contact provider. Even verified professional and business profiles are loaded with detailed information. This includes mentions on the web, employment history and direct access to employees.

ZoomInfo Search, Find or guess email addresses in seconds will allow you to have a list of emails with a high probability of being valid. After registering you have the right to 150 queries per month , massive verification of emails and massive search of emails according to domains. The mail tracking is free and has no payment plan.

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Among its main features you will find:

  • Possibility to search for domain-based emails.
  • Perform a basic validation of an email that you obtain from other sources to reduce the likelihood of bouncing.
  • Google Chrome extension: Search for emails from the website of your lead or prospect or even on LinkedIn.
  • Integrations with CRMs to export leads.
  • Add-on for Google Sheets to add emails to a worksheet.
  • Track emails for Gmail accounts. Domain Search Feature

Bonus #1: Linkedin Sales Navigator

Linkedin Sales Navigator (previously branded as Rapportive) is the most popular extension of Google Chrome to find email addresses and also has an add-on for Firefox. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of those applications that makes you wonder why its functionality does not appear in Gmail by default.

Once you add the email address to the email composer, LinkedIn Sales Navigator will tell you if that address is associated with a LinkedIn or Twitter profile.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Bonus #2: Contactout

Contactout Find Email Address Tool will help you find anyone’s personal email and phone number. Their Chrome extension works on top of LinkedIn and Github, helping you find emails and phone numbers. They also provide access to all your saved leads in one place, organizing the candidates into folders. They also let you share it with your team and export all the leads into a spreadsheet in one click.

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